Monday, 20 February 2012

How to do yarn/wool flower centres

I did some experimenting with yarn/wool flower centres. This was alot harder than it looks
and after several failed methods the only one that worked for me was :

1  put glue in the centre of the flower
2 cut off a piece of yarn/wool about 30cm
3 hold the end between thumb and forefinger
4 gentle twist the yarn round and round (with thumb and forefinger - other hand holding yarn taut if required)
5 get the spiral to the desired size
6 place the spiral gently onto the glue and press down (yarn will maintain spiral)
7 get the scissors, and on an angle, cut off the leftover yarn, and press it onto the spiral
8 wait for the glue to dry before touching it again

See page with flower yarn centres :

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