Monday, 16 July 2012

storage of my clear stamps

You know how sometimes you presume that because you do something, everyone does it that way too? Scrapbooking has taught me that we're not all the same, we don't like all the same things, and we all have different tastes and ways to do things, ways to store things, and sometimes, by sharing what we do as individuals, it may help others to get ideas or inspiration.

So, I'm thinking clear stamps...  Because I came from card making originally into scrapbooking I already had a bucket load of mounted wooden stamps - and these I stored in stackable plastic containers.

Experimenting - that didn't work for me!
But when clear stamps came out, they didn't do so well in those. I experimented first with empty CD covers (took out all the pastic) and then stuck the clear stamps inside. Well, trust me - don't do that!!! Although it worked, it helped the stamps to lose their stick much quicker!

Experimenting - measuring / getting rid of the packaging/getting my folders
I started to measure the clear stamps packaging that I had purchased - once I took the paper/packaging away and there was just the stamps, the backing sheet, and the front stamped sheet (I used a permanent marker to write on the name of the collection and the brand in case I ever needed it), 99.9% fitted into an A5 folder. So that's what I went looking for first. Kaisercraft and Making Memories both had folders at that time (a couple of years ago now) but they were so expensive!! So, I just went to my local Office Works and bought five white two-ring A5 binders and paid a third of what the scrap suppliers were asking.

Plastic Pockets - the zippy was the key for me
Then I saw Kaisercraft and Making Memories start to put out plastic pockets (only lately has the plastic pocket been included as the packaging). The Making Memories didn't work so well for me - they are open at the top, which meant that if the folder fell off the scrap table or I accidentally stacked it upsidedown, all the inards fell out. There were quite a few zippy options on the market - but I liked the Kaisercraft the best because the zippy bit goes the full length on the right hand side; much easier to get things in and out. Some of the others only had a short piece with the zip or top-opening. The little A5 folders also have a clear pocket on the inside cover and back cover - this is great for those one offs that come my way through comps n packs.

Using clear stamps
The best bit for me about this storage option, is that I use the clear stamps a good deal. Almost all my journaling blocks are from my clear stamps, and all the scrolls that I stamp on pages. I love that I can see where I am stamping. Since I organised them into the folders, I use them way more now.

I like keeping the clear stamps on their backing sheet/front stamped sheet. This made it heaps easier to find stamps and use them. I grouped them into folders that suited my kind of purchases; Flight (I seem to accumulate birds n butterflies and wings), Journaling blocks, Scrolls, etc. This works best for me.

Stamps losing their stick
This is the main problem I find with clear stamps. I don't have a solution. I sometimes use double sided tape to make them stick for what I am doing and then remove it. It's only on the stamps that I have used a gozillian times. My favourites! Like the little blue bird or the bunny in October Afternoon Woodland set, or the Autumn Leaves Rhoda Farrer scrolls, and the same Journalling blocks.
A5 folder two-ring with a Kaisercraft plastic pocket (bought folder at Office Works)

The folders on the shelf - easy to see what is in each, stand up nicely.

Several pockets fit in each folder. It doesn't matter if stamps have lost their stick - they are still safe in the zipped up pocket.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your tips Kylie. I get a bit overwhelmed with it all, and I am so disorganised ( I try to be organised) but I don't know it just seems such a big job sometimes and things/products get out of hand. I Have some of my stamps in sleeves like you, but I really like how you have the title on the spine of your folder so you can see them easily.
    Keep the tips coming, I can use all the help I can get


  2. I have spent the past month "organising" my craft room! Not a piece of paper, folder, stamp has not been "assessed"! The last thing that I wanted to do was to organise my clear stamps as just like you, if you can see them then you will use them. I can't thank you enough for putting so much into this piece of research, it is exactly what I need and am now a woman on a mission! Thanks again for sharing.
    Sandra (Scotland)

  3. Thanks so much sandra! I'd love to see your new room. If you return, please give me your blog address!


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