Sunday, 3 June 2018

Beat That! May 2018

I really found this challenge challenging from ArchiScraps this month. Nothing came to mind until like 3 days before the end of the month, so naturally, I just ran out of time to get it in. But I still created this page inspired by my cousinette Olive. Both her sister Violet and Olive are pocket rocket skiiers, so I needed a page that reflected this plus Olive's big win against the boys which she was so proud of.

Beat That - May 2018 digi scrapbooking layout Archiscraps 'cork'

Archiscraps May 2018 inspiration

Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Young Lady May 2018

It's been a while since I scrapped one of my cousinettes, even though there are plenty of photos of them growing up (in the USA). So, here is a page featuring Vi (Violet) and how much she's grown over such a short period of time. It seems like only yesterday she was born!

I really liked the Artastic challenge, but wanted to try and not go overboard with flowers, but find some that fitted Violet and her amazing life so far. Really happy with the result; clean cut and minimal.

The Young Lady - Artastic May 2018 digi scrapbooking layout

INGREDIENTS: [Sarahh Graphics Sunday with Grandma - Greenery3 (bleeding heart), Greenery 4 (tuber-rose)],[ Indigo Designs Simply Beautiful Element 11 (pussy willow branch), element 7 (blue flowers), Element 19 (bead)], JasO CU Flowers Vol 9 Lily of the Valley,  Geld Scraped Brushes no 10 (paint splash), Fayettes Designs Time 4 Dreams Ribbon, etc

Artastic May 2018 inspiration piece

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Marvellous May 2018

I was feeling joy and excitement in May, having moved up a level in my fitness program and moved ahead in my artwork as well. I thought this would translate across into my digital scrapbooking, but I was so distracted by a TV show I was watching (home improvements) and their terrible interpretation of one team to make a bedroom with the theme 'like a rap video' that it so disgruntled me that I set out to make my CSI 253 page into this style and correct their blunder! Yes - strange I know, but there you have it.

I therefore added BLACK to the palette, but it still seemed to work. I used flowers and leaves, and gold and metal like in the scene.

Rap music videos are very similar. There is this 'urban grunge' mixed with expensive sleekness.

CSI May challenge 'Sleek' digi scrapbooking layout

Ingredients: LorieM Designs Cherish - ddots | Christmas Wish Joyful K Cronin Barrow (letter S), Far [Far Hills Feast Love Skimersan 004 (gold rings), 002 (diamonds)], Helly Designs Leave This World Behind Flower 9 | DitaB Designs Click in Summer Memories Add On Element 58 (leaves), Aliya Because of You Element 7 (leather flower), Lou Cee Creations Link Me (gold chain), Scrapbook Fantasies metal disc, Far Far Hills Freebies Vintage Scans Kit of Old Style Frames 0010 (gold frame), Far Far Hills Vintage Style Ornaments Elements 0011 (scroll), Far Far Hills Vintage Ornaments Kit 0010 (swirl), [Far Far Hills Old Worn Metallic Surfaces patterned paper 004 (metal with studs), 003 (metallic edging)], Helly Designs Immortal Beloved bg12 (satin),  my own artwork ‘Method in the Madness No 01.

This is the page I did to work out for myself what this style
was about and how to achieve it.

CSI #253 inspiration piece

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Something Blue... April 2018

WOW. The Kraft +1 team came up with another great challenge for April 2018 - Something Old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! I thought long and hard about this, and then thought my digital scrapbooking journey fits those categories rather well. When I started out, I was a total newbie with some Photoshop like training. I didn't know anything! I bought some kits I thought I liked and started to make pages, not realising that half what I bought only had one use, had a whole of host of things in there I didn't like and didn't use, or was poor quality.

However, I still got lucky - there are two or three items and one patterned paper from that very first few kits that I still use. Since then, I've gone here or there, following what others have on their blogs and trying kits out, working out what I need, and trying to find it. Sometimes its still impossible to get what I'm really looking for; then I have to make it up myself, but slowly, the technology has gotten better and there is way more variety out there.

But I'm so glad I came on the digi scrapbooking journey - to have the creative control and do just about ANYTHING I can imagine is pretty powerful. My inspiration for the page was Louise Nelson's beautiful page which I cut and stuck in my layout. This is strange - because years ago, Louise inspired me in the IRL scrapbooking too (look far below to see my early page inspired by Louise)

Something Blue April 2018 Kraft +1 challenge
Kraft+1 challenge

Ingredients: Akizo Designs Wishing & Hoping arrow no 2, Basic Grey Black Tie Patterned Papers - Verlaine (old), Sweetly Scrapped patterned paper - Kraft 1563378,  Kimeric Kollections Sisters - String 1, Dee Bee Designs Love Birds kit [heart & bow], Scrap Art Studios (Cilenia Curtis) Just Basics 01 Tags, Angie Young FYA Aug 2012 Imagine Masks (blue splotch), Tallula Moon Color Block Sunset kit (clip),  Designs by Helly Leave This World Behind (blue flower), CSI #96 Word Art Typewriter Keys, Sarahh Graphics Sunday With Grandma (‘blue’ font), Far Far Hill Love Lyrics freebie kit, etc

'Daylily' my IRL page created in 2010 inspired by a page
created by Lousie Nelson! (and on Kraft as it so happens)
I actually stitched those tiny flower buttons onto the page!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Production Line April 2018

My new years resolution in scrapping is to scrap my day to day just as much as other subjects, so this page is showing one of my runs of card making IRL. I belong to my local artist society and paint with acrylics, but I also sell my art cards - either photos on cards of my work, or, in this case, originals with pen and acrylic. I recently sold four of my cards like these ones that I created in 2015, so I thought it was time to create some more with my skills set as it stands now. The place names on the posts are all in my local area, so it kind of gives it a nice touch for a tourist gift.

Production Line CSI#252 April 2018 digi layout

 Sarahh Graphics Sunday With Grandma (spotted brad), Websters Pages (yellow material brad),  Angie Young Get Crafty Collage Sheet 36 (bird brad), Studio Basic Designs I {heart} flairs! (light globe and swirls flairs), Disaster Space 1 Lauren Grier (paint splash), Sugar Plum A Boys Story - Paint2 (2nd paint splotch), Akizo Designs Wishing & Hoping kit [label 2 & ribbon 1(striped)],  Feli Designs Gentle Spring ‘Stitches’, etc

Inspiration  (CSI #252) :


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