Thursday, 3 June 2021

Face Behind The Mask May 2021

Its been a while since I did a Kraft+ challenge but I rather liked this one with the faces and the colours, especially as they went so well with the first few photos I took of my daily COVID lockdown selfies which although actually covering my face each day, I kind of felt it was still in keeping with the faces challenge.

Face behind the Mask May 2021 - Kraft+ challenge

Kraft+ challenge May 2021 Focus on Faces


Growing Up May 2021 - Artastic

 The Artastic challenge for May 2021 was interesting; the pattern on the plate and "girls only" theme. I kind of looked hard at the plate and divided my page in a similar way with the colours; the blue sky, the yellow in the middle and olive green at the base. My cousinette Violet and Olive feature in the page.

Growing Up May 2021 digital scrapbooking layout : Artastic challenge

Artastic May 2021 inspiration

On The Box May 2021

The Archiscraps Challenge for May really helped me create a page on what TV shows I have been watching since COVID began. I loved the creams, whites, yellow and black colours in the imspiration photo and tried to replicate the wrought iron with doilies and lace.

My journaling says : 

I have never watched Death in Paradise until during COVID in 2020, and I really enjoyed it. So much so that in 2021 I bought some DVD episodes from the first few seasons as well as some late season Doc Martin. I watch alot of it on TV and enjoy watching it over and over. Interesting how the British formula of the guy no one can stand works over and over; Fawlty Towers, House (US), Doc Martin and Death in Paradise to name a few. The other show I’m an avid watcher of is Australia’s Lego Masters. I just find it fascinating how they construct 3D creations using 1000’s of bricks. Its great to watch in sped up time - not sure I could sit there the 9 hours it actually took!"

On The Box May 2021 archiscraps challenge digital scrapbooking layout

Archiscraps May 2021 inspiration

Sunday, 30 May 2021

March and April 2021 pages

 And I just continued to continue on. I love recording details about my day to day no matter how boring I think it is at the time. Having full digital control over colours and hues is brilliant. My easter card is traditionally something that inspired me the week or two before and then showing it off. Getting a mistletoebird in the wild was awesome, so it went straight into the centre of my digi easter card :

To do something different again this Easter as we were still in our COVID world, and having put off Easter holidays for going away (most friends had shifted interrupted Xmas to Easter and I feared it would be packed out - better to go away at end of april instead). So I made 'eggs' with family members heads and drew rabbits around them. They were in colour, but when I created this page Easter Eggs? Apr 2021 I changed them to black and white to fit in with the CSI 353 challenge.

CSI 352 challenged me to create a completely different page to what I would normally do. Not sure it worked out, but I did it!

Discovering Insects showcased insects I found in March 2021. I'm really enjoying this monthly page now.

Rorschach? April 2021 page inspired by Kraft+ challenge for April got me thinking about the old ink blot sanity test (well - you know what I mean) and where that came from, and trying to create a page based on that concept.

Seek csi 350 March 2021 challenge I got to put together a page explaining my latest Citizen Scientist interest and my new group Albury Wodonga Nature Map.

2021 COVID continues

 I've kind of stepped up my game in 2021 to continue to create artwork and digital scrapbooking layouts so I continue forward rather than get stuck inside a depressing COVID bubble. So I've gone back to using various online challenges to keep me turning out pages. I can then use some of the pages to continue to make booklets to send to my Auntie to keep her up to date with what I am doing and give her something pretty to look at.

CSI 343 inspired the Mmm... Pine Cones page created in Jan 2021.

Romancing the Rose Feb 2021 was an artstacks inspired challenge page.

Discovering Insects Jan 2021 continues the journaling of my insect discoveries in my Nature Walking and doubles as another page into include in my little booklets to my Auntie.

Keepers Feb 2021 was inspired by Archiscraps Feb comp.

Yuk Jan 2021 was inspired by Artastic's Jan comp which made me look at all the things I dislike rather than like and put them on a page


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