Sunday, 5 February 2012

angry pink 2012

for Scrap That Song feb 2012 comp, based on the "So What" Pink song. I love this Pink song - mainly because of how angry Pink gets in it and her other songs. It's nice to see an angry girl band after so many angry boy bands!
I just wish I could feel the anger that Pink expresses! I just feel pain, fear and sadness... 
This was hard to put onto a scrap page somehow. I trawled for Pink pics that were from the So What clip and used inspiring from one of her album covers. I poked a pencil through to get the holes and just tried to push the pain, sadness and fear out onto the page.

Angry Pink 2012


  1. That is awesome Kylie, It really gets the angry feeling across . Thanks for joining in at STS

  2. I think you've achieved the feeling.Looks good. Thanks for joining in.

  3. Kylie, that is one awesome it to bits!
    It really captures the eye...Super Dooper fabulous stuff chickie!!!
    And thanks for playing over at STS xxx

  4. OMG Kylie - this is freakin amazing
    I love love love it

  5. Kylie as always your work is so emotive and this is no exception, it conveys the angst and pain amazing, totally love it all.

    I hereby have awarded you a lovely blog award
    Details are Here

    hugs and love xo

  6. Awesome work Kylie!
    You have some amazing talent! x

  7. ditto to all the lovelies above - your talent to scrap this is amazing !! I love the emotion expressed with the black & red and everything about it...oh and btw for someone who doesnt know about blogs (much like moi) your blog is also awesome xx


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