Sunday, 28 October 2012

illuminated text.. first attempt in adulthood

I've pulled out a book I've had on exactly how to do illuminated text that I've been sitting on for a year or two, and giving some of it a go. I love the background patterns and the work that goes into a project. As a teenager I was really interested in this, and even mixed egg yolk into my paints (with mixed results!) and tried gold leaf (it was too hard!). Somewhere I still have some of those really early efforts. I can remember the first one was tiny.

I'm having a go at several of the patterns and techniques, but no traditional materials this time. I've constricted the pallette to red, aqua, white, blue and black.

It's actually alot of fun once I get going. The border pattern is basically three steps repeated. The majority of the work was in drawing it up.

The inner parts includes a picture and text, and two large letters.

outside border underway.. yay. Once the grid lines and background colour are done, it's just repeating a 3 step process

Up close and personal.. all with a wee brush

This is a close up?? yes, it is. You can see more of my mistakes in this one!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

future dress shop??

I bought clothes this morning at a dress shop. It gave me an idea. Wouldn't it be great if there was a store that had all its lines in white. You tried on the different styles until you found a style/material you liked and size that fitted, then you go over to a counter and select what colour, fabric or pattern you want the thing in, you pay for it, it orders one for you, and the next week/day you come back in and pick it up or it gets posted out to you?? Perhaps the patterned/colours could be on display as swatches and change with the seasons.

Half the time I love the style, but hate the colours. Today I had to buy white trouser pants (eek I hope I can keep them clean). I would have prefered cream or brown. And there were lots of colours that I loved - but not in the tops that my bust would look good in!

Also, this way you could have more original clothing and not turn up to work where someone is wearing the identical top to you!

if you know of a store already like this - please let me know!!

ad - classic

Alright, this is one of a series from the early 1990s that I just loved. Pernod - you drop the 'd' campaign.
Pernod. This is from a time when ads were seriously interesting (and amusing!)

More ads....

Here are some more ads from recent magazines that keep catching my eye.
Lindeman's Sweet Seasons. This is beautiful, but does it really highlight the issue that this is light wine? With the cherry blossoms it looks more like a Spring release or some kind of Saki. There's even a sneaky little text box up in the left hand corner about moderation, which I didn't see until I scanned it!

Bottege Veneta. Don't know what it is, or what they're selling. It could be floor boards, clothing, or bags, but there's something about the tortured poses that the photographer has set to make this couple fit into a triangle and make this one of the most unnatural but interesting photos ever...

Purina puppy food. I haven't seen these kinds of adds since the early 1990s - a third of a page, and then on the next double spread, the full add. This one is very cutesy.

Purina kitten food. Another one (in the same magazine!), but this one, although just as cutesy and beautiful, makes it look like the kitten is on some kind of drug as they've adjusted its eyes (or at least I think they have?)


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