Wednesday, 26 December 2012

December Birthday Girls... digital page

December Birthday Girls Bond & Sparkle 2012 for CSI comp #51 digital page

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 I really had no ideas about this page to start with. These colours, although very pretty, I was getting nothing, nothing and nothing for ideas. I didn't have any xmas pics as yet, and wanted to scrap something I already had. So I went back to my birthday pics on the 1st December when my Auntie visited me from Melbourne. It was just luck that what everyone was wearing on that day matches the colour palette for CSI comp #51!

This might be the longest title I've ever used, but I'm really happy with this page. I had to do a really dark page inbetween because I just wasn't getting anything with these colours. But once I got that out of the way I was off n racing. I made my own 'beads' by following the example chrissie decs in the photo. As a kid it used to really grate having your birthday in December, but it was the norm in my family; me, my grandfather, my auntie, my uncle and my mum are all December babies! My Auntie (Dad's sister) took these pics of me, my Auntie, and my Uncle & Auntie who aren't.
Ingredients : lacey white plastic from Prima packaging scanned, Dee Bee Designs Love Birds : Scatter Silver Glitter & ‘PaperScallop’, Yalana Design Light Feelings no 28 flower (used outline to create my own flowers), Dee Bee Designs Love Birds -Bow 4 (blue ribbon bow) & Ribbon Blue Velvet Voile (straight ribbon), Feli Inner Peace ribbon (white bows) & Pendant (glass), created my own shiny beads using the Christmas decorations in the photo, CSI coordinates kit #51 – patterned paper (Christmas decorations), various snowflakes, various filigree circles, CSI Cordinates kit #47 journal block, created my own tags, pink n white striped pattern paper I made myself, etc
PS the page doesn't look square - but it is. A weird optical illusion thingy? Or is it just me?

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