Saturday, 16 May 2015

Marvellous May & The Golden Windhorse

I'm still painting madly for the Van Gogh auction in July - where artists paintings are either inspired by the style of the great artist or replicas of his work. All the money raised goes to Headspace. I've got three paintings done now, and another one coming which I'm not sure will be good enough. Three of the paintings are in the style of, whereas one little 9x5" is a copy of Wheat Fields and Cypresses.

I've managed to step it up a bit in my personal exercise reigeme after a bit of a lull of only down to walking stairs for 30 minutes on a Tuesday. I've bitten the bullet and jumped into a yoga class, even though my body is a less than ideal shape for that. I was so proud of myself. I made toasted honey sandwiches beforehand and ate them before going to the class at 7:15pm. And of course, this morning I couldn't find the butter anywhere. Eventually I looked in the freezer - and yep - there is was. This is what happens when I'm anxious (scared out of my wits). Oh, well, it will thaw!

I've gone back to watch Midsomer Murders from the very first few, some of which are my all time favourites - like 'Death in Disguise 1999' - which features The Lodge of the Golden Windhorse' and May Cuttle (played by Hyacinth Bucket's sister Daisy).

This week I also managed to get that darn rubiks cube out again - the same one which I took away with me at Easter and got to only 3 colours left to place and did it all over the easter weekend without it popping out. I then left it on a shelf for several weeks (disgusted with myself) and then this week, picked it up, turned it four time, and got the thing out! It's so annoying that I don't seem to know how I'm getting it out, and yet I get it out. Its really good for your fingers and wrists though.

We've had the best Autumn colour in leaves for years and years and years. May has been a spectacle.

I'm looking forward to more painting, more sales, more exercise, and getting fit and flexible.


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