Saturday, 16 April 2016

Forgeries on the Fourth - April 2016

Easter & Nan 2016 - digi - for forgeries on the fourth - counterfeit kit challenge
I have such warm memories of the last fifteen or so years of my Nan's life; particularly around Easter because that was the holiday that I always, as a rule, spent with her. And she loved her chocolate, so it was easy to please her with a chocolately gift. My Auntie and Uncle who aren't would help out in the later few years and I was able to drive Nan to their place for an Easter high tea, and then back to the home. It was fun to treat Nan and think up ways to surprise her or find a treat she'd enjoy.

This easter seemed much more intensive than the other two since Nan passed; perhaps because this was the first one in years where I was away and not at home. It just felt more like something was missing.

I really enjoyed using the inspiration from the kit to twist these feelings into a scrap page.


  1. Love your layout Kylie. I miss my Mum for similar reasons.

  2. Amazing creation of yours - I keep looking & seeing more! I especially like how you have dimmed the background photo with your lovely Nan & hung your current photo of you alone on top of the memory. I really am loving your work.

  3. That is a lovely and rich layout of your treasured relationship. Well done.

  4. A luscious page - very rich in detail and memory


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