Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mini Me 2013 digi layout

I've always wanted to make my own "arrangement" of flowers on a page, but I've never had the inspiration or skills to do it. Lately, I've been looking at wedding flower magazines to try and get a feel for how it all works, and I think this is helping.

I've had lots of help lately at finding new places to compete with digi layouts, and many quite challenging with themes or challenges that I'm just not used to. So I'm giving it a go.

This page is for ARTastic's July 2013 comp. This is the challenge pic (Challenge : Black and white and predominately one other colour)

And this is my layout (black, white and pink!):

2013 Mini Me - ARTtastic July 2013

The camellias are photos of mine - Camellia japonica Otome from my Grandmother's garden (my nan who passed away in february). These are all pictures of me from early childhood to about fourteen or fifteen. I was born with dark brown hair, was a little blondie for a bit between 2-4, light brown the rest of the time until I was sixteen and then whack - it went back to dark brown again!

Ingredients : Basic Grey Black Tie Patterns – Diamante BLT-126 (black patterned paper), far far hill freebies kit nocturne el1 (hot pink cluster flower), el4 (viola), Lara’s Design World ‘For Lara’ Flowers3 (hydrangea), Frame-White-Rectangle, Yalana Design ‘Light Feelings’ No 7 (dandelion head), JasO CU Flowers Vol 14- Tulips no 13 & 10, Saunders Concepts item no 12_601 table accessory (white doiley), American Crafts Lori Whitlock Cherry Edition Extra Elements - Leaves no 12, Aliya ‘Because of You’ no el43 (stitching), Adobe Fireworks software.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Quacktacular 2013 digi layout

The page is for dual comps; the CSI #81 weekly comp, and the Pixels & Paper Challenge July 2013. There were two design team pages at CSI about a duck rescue, and after a bit of chat related to that subject, and alot of quack jokes, I couldn't think of anything else for this page! For The Pixels & Paper Challenge I kind of went with the example photo structurally, rather than theme based. I really liked the angles behind the girl and the dog of the bridge and where she was sitting.

I was sort of going for a nature/natural page. 

Quacktacular 2013 digi page - CSI #81 and Pixels & Paper July 2013
Ingredients :

[CSI #81 Co-ordinates Fleur-de-lys, “6 Awesome Things” tab, wee blue birdie], American Crafts Heather Bailey Olive Edition Papers -No 7, Aliya Because of You Patterned Paper No 6 (changed to chocolate), Far Far Hill Freebies Kit wooden backgrounds 003 (changed to natural), Far Far Hills Freebies Kit Noturne Elements no 2 (flower changed to blue), Far Far Hills Freebies Kit Clock and Gears No 002, [Lara’s Digital World Inner Peace Elements Branch (edited changed to lemon), Branch], Cilenia Curtis Fly With Me E Grid Overlay (grid pattern), Changes Add On Scrap Art Studio Collaboration Paint Splotch, ValC Fly With Me Flying_1 (ducks in flight) – edited, Jasmin Olya Designs CU Rope Elements Vol 2 – No01, Lace (scanned it myself), etc, created in Adobe Fireworks.

CSI #81 comp criteria

Pixels & paper challenge July 2013

Friday, 12 July 2013

Coastal Cat 2013 digi layout

I was really inspired by the Archiscraps July 2013 challenge and The Color Room seaside palette. I'm not sure I've done either justice, but without a computer for 5 weeks has made it a little difficult to get back into the creative aspect of my computering!

This is Bronte - my Mum and Dad's cat, who I lived with for a short period before they all moved over to the coast. She is one spoilt cat!! She gets raw flathead tails, brushes, lives 100% indoors, and sleeps on laps or up in cupboards most of the day. But I love her just the same - and she never forgets me - when I visit she springs up like a little kitten and wants to play.

Coastal Cat 2013 digi layout - Archiscraps july & The Color Room palette

Turn it side on!!! Archiscraps July 2013

The Color Room Palette #154


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