Sunday 11 June 2017

Digi Cardmaking Shifting Gears

I've started to unravel my inner card maker and really let the creativity flow and rip. In the past this would be something reserved for family members cards, and I would rarely share it elsewhere, but I've started to lift the veil and see what I can really create in cards with my digi skills if I really try and am inspired.

I found Path of Positivity a few days ago from a link on another card makers site. These are the kinds of cards I love to make.

Their challenge no 50 was hard - I haven't done alot of anniversary or wedding work. But I didn't let that stop me and I had a go anyway. I imagined people I knew who have celebrated 50 years of marriage or more and what is special about them. Then I made up the wording to include the faith, hope, and love theme. The card is an anniversary card but could easily be converted to a wedding or engagement by changing the wording slightly. The colours can also be changed easily as everything is toned to a colour group. The font is one I actually don't use a lot - AR Decode, yet I was happy that in large and bold it worked for the title as well as for the finer faith love and hope.

This is the card I created.

Path of Positivity June 2017 digi card fath hope love

Ingredients : [Lara’s Digital World Inner Peace Elements Driedelement (puple seedhead), Branch (purple flower branch)], Feli Designs Inner Peace Kit pp09 (background paper), PrelestnayaP Designs Shades of Love el2 (white rose), Tiramisu Designs Nicol el14 (flowers n butterflies), A2Z Scraplets Doodlet 04 chipboard swirl (scanned), A2z Scraplets doodlet 02 chipboard swirl (scanned), fonts: AR Decode & Book Antiqua


  1. Wow, this is beautiful! Lift that veil and keep sharing! This is perfect for our challenge this month with that lovely sentiment. I'm so happy you chose to share with us over at Path of Positivity. ~ Katrina

  2. Your card is beautiful, Kylie! I voted for it at the PoP challenge for keeping the theme, and your exquisitely designed masterpiece - with those amazing words of encouragement and perseverance at the bottom of the artwork. So Lovely! hugs, de {Creative Smiles}


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