Saturday, 16 September 2017

Feeling Good and Sad together is ok

I found the CSI #238 challenge particularly challenging this time. Especially as when I read the Sept prompts and saw "7. the last thing I felt guilty about" which was so recent and topical for me, then I couldn't think of anything else for the page.

So I added black to the palette to give that balance of light and dark and then pushed together anything that 'felt right' from there. I'm hoping the page still has a sense of once upon a time... about it even though its not fairytale or book related.

The text reads : "The last time I felt guilty was just last Friday when I found out that a friend from work had finally died from cancer after a very long illness. I felt guilty for being happy that week - happy that I had won something that I had worked really hard for and was proud of. I questioned myself for being happy when someone I knew and had history with died that week and now I felt both sad and happy side by side. I got some grief counselling and then I discovered you can be both happy and sad at the same time for different reasons and that’s ok."

CSI challenge 238 'Guilty' digi layout Sep 2017

Testimony: September Prompt : no 7, Scheme - yes, plus black, Evidence:  polka dots, animal print, text print/book pages, animals, flowers/trees/leaves, enamel dot

Ingredients : Far Far Hlls Freebies kit Scary And Dark 007 (background paper with writing), K Hartley Wildflowers - red letters (changed to orange), PGP Anemone - flower 2, Aliya Because of You Element 20a (white flower), [Lara’s Digital World Bye Bye Summer Elements 1 - petals, Flower 2 (blue)], ADS Dancing Leaves Patterned Leaf 13, Far Far Hills Freebies Kit Nocturne Element 9 (thread circles), The Dusty Attic DA0547 wrought iron trim set piece 1, Melike Designs Horses Silhouettes Clipart horses no 3 and no 8, Angie Young ‘Get Crafty’ collage sheet 36 (butterfly enamel dot), Palette 75 giveaway - jewel1, Feli Designs Inner Peace Polka bow, Melike Designs Islands Trees Clipart Pack no 10 (silhouette tree),  freebie bad pink ems (changed to blue).


  1. Brilliant Kylie! and so nice to see you playing over at CSI Tx

  2. That's life though, isn't it. It goes on no matter what.
    I love how you played with light and dark. It represents well how you were feeling at the time. The wreath of flowers, the falling leaves, the two tears...really creative and well done. I'm glad you joined us for the challenge.

  3. You have put a lot of thought into this layout and I love the elements you have pulled together to get your feelings across. A superb LO! Thanks for joining in at CSI!

  4. thank you for your comments. doing this page really helped get the last of emotions (for now) out.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss, Kylie, and that you had to experience those feelings of guilt. Your layout is so creative. Love the drama of that background and the wreath of flowers surrounding you with that string that shows the conflicting feelings you were experiencing.

  6. Thanks Debbi. All good now. Took up the grief counseling offered at work and this page tidied it up. I've never felt those two feelings together before. But I now I know its ok.

  7. Wow! I am so sorry for your loss. This layout is beautiful and you put a lot of thought into it. Thank you so much for joining us at CSI!!

  8. Your journaling is very poignant, and it is hard to be happy when someone else is sad, hence the guilt. I love your layout Kylie, it is very clever. Thanks for joining us at CSI.


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