Monday, 19 November 2012

card for my nan 2012 digital

I created my first digital card (based on a Scrapville card sketch nov dec 2012), printed it out, and stuck it in a black card and wrote inside it with a white gel pen. (then I also put it in one of those plastic pocket card protectors as last time Nan was in hospital and I gave her a card she got it all wet and it buckled!)

I did a prompt message inside. Something you give someone with dementia; explaining why she's in hospital, that she's had an operation, what she needs to do to get out of hospital, that i love her, and who I am (not that she ever forgets who I am when she sees me)! That way, whenever she picks it up it will answer all her questions and maybe for a little bit not be as anxious with the not-knowings.

2012 card for my nan - digital scrapbooking. I'm not thinking clearly enough to list the ingredients. A mixture of Pickleberrypop & CSI Coordinates I think.

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