Saturday, 24 November 2012

it's a wedding... digital layout

One of my best friends at work recently organised her daughter's wedding (whom I have known since she was about eight years old). I wanted to do something special for her. I did this page for The CSI Case Files #47, but then tweeked it into the bridesmaids colours so I could give a copy to the MOTB for her desktop pic on the computer.

Chanel is trained in graphic design, so I'm sure she could do alot better than this, but I thought the proud MOTB might want something special on her computer for a bit.

glowing 2012 (CSI # 46)

glowing (in orange) 2012 for MOTB

Evidence (for CSI comp #46): grid design, animals (swallows), frames, textured element (background paper), translucent elements (white ribbon), glows (the bride?), Testimony: used word "glow" in journalling.
for glowing (in purple) from CSI

for glowing (in purple) from CSI
Ingredients : Indigo Always In My Mind no 17 (heart), [Yalana Design Light Feelings No 15 (yellow green ribbon), no 13 (mauve flowers)], [LDW Inner Peace Element bow beige (on hearts), Flower2 (white rose), Branch (changed to white and edited), Rolled Flower (changed to several colours), Ribbon White 2, Handle, Round Frame (changed to oval), Paper8 (edited to green/white)], DBDesigns E flower 5 (hydrangea), TMD Sunset Ornate Frame (white), CSI swallows, own grid pattern, CSI dictionary text patterned paper, etc


  1. These are gorgeous and I'm sure your friend will be most impressed.

  2. That is great Kylie - digital scares me a bit - I would not know where to start


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