Sunday, 4 November 2012

A bit of art.. mine!

This painting just came to me in my mind and I just had to paint it - about 5 hours on Friday night. This is the first actual painting I've done for 12 months (except for the Illuminated text project) on paper.

I don't really understand what its all about yet. Something to do with change, I think. Do you want to see it? I've decided to call it Change.. with Butterflies. The more I look at it, the more confused I get - like there's a message there somewhere but I don't know the language to interrupt it. I feel a kind of saddness when I look at it, but other people I've shown feel its more on the inspiring side. Oh, well, maybe one day my artistic side of my brain will let the other side know what its all about.

I used to paint like this in the old days. Bright colours. More niave art than anything else.

Change.. with Butterflies (c) 2012 Kg Waldon

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