Sunday, 26 February 2012

Make your own "inky" background paper

For those who asked, here is a step by step on how I created the "inky" background paper on my "Flying Dragons" layout.
I also have a 2mb PDF file (if you want me to email it to you - send me your email address to


About ingredients : you can use virtually anything you like or any colours. This is just what I used.

Ingredients :
Black ink, brown ink, and two similar hues of ink (ie two blues)
Several stamps of different sizes of a similar theme ie shells, insects, flight, love, etc
A textural stamp or sponge or anything you can ink to apply texture to the page
Glimmermist - I used Jazz Blue because it goes with the blues, but you can also use a contrasting colour
Glimmermist plastic screen - I used a tree shape
White smooth cardstock - I used Stamp It matte white cardstock, but you can also use the cardboard from the newsagency (textured cardstock like Bazzill doesn't hold onto the ink as well as a smooth surface)
Newspaper (to put under the layout for spraying!)

step 1

Stamp two or three stamps randomly around the background (turning them as you go) with the black and brown ink, leaving some whitespace where you will put your photo/s (I have left the centre)

Step 2

Stamp some texture over your brown and black stamps (I used black ink to do this). You can always add more texture at the end if you don't get the balance quite right.

step 3
Stamp using the brighter coloured inks in just a few places of white space. You can feature one larger stamp (like the seagull) in a darker bright colour to make it stand out more.

step 4

Put down the newspaper under your layout and use the plastic screen on the edge, and spray the glimmermist over it . Only spray around the edge. Keep moving the screen and spray until all the edging is done.

step 5

Wait for the glimmermist to dry (or hairdryer it).

Place your photos and start to create a card or scrapbooking page!

step 6

This is the "Flying Dragons" page that I used this technique on too.

"flying dragons 2012"

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