Monday, 25 March 2013

Seeking Digi Ra Doo

I have turned my digi quest from the 100% digi offerings both free and buyable to finding paper based suppliers with Digi Stores.

I must admit, I thought this would be easy in these modern times, but it has been a struggle.

Basic Grey was the easy one - from their main website its easy to locate their Digi store where you can buy very neat overlays and patterned paper and some of their embellies such as fabric buttons. They are quite expensive, but then, being a market leader I guess that's not surprising.

Websters Pages was also easy to locate their digi stuff and purchase from their main website. Their pricing was similar to Basic Grey, a tad cheaper in some regards. But not very creative in their embellies which IRL are quite distinctive.

I then tried a few others, but struggled to find any digi content.

Eventually, after quite a struggle, I managed to source American Crafts digi supplies - not from their main website - not even mentioned there. It was a lucky break by visiting each of their satelite sites; their facebook page had some kind of mention and a link a fair way in, and it took me to AC Digitals YAY - a world of digital and finally some decent patterned papers. The pricing was also very reasonable.

I had no luck at all at Prima headquarters or any of their 'sides'. No sign of digi there. Of course, it may exist, but its not mentioned from their homepages.

Will tackle Kaisercraft and some of the others this week and see how I go. I long for real patterned paper. Some of the Digi stuff is nice, but it comes with a heck of alot I just delete because I know I will never use it.

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