Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Never need to buy anything, ever again, well, almost

I have joined up with Pinterest. I've seen it around now and then, but never understood it, or the attraction of it. It just seemed weird.

But its hitting the mark on so many levels I am suprised!!! I can create a "board" (like a gallery) on a particular subject and then go out into Pinterest world and add items to it. I can even go outside into Internet Land if I can't find what I'm looking for - impossible I thought at first - but actually, there are lots of my side interests that are poorly pinned or have no pins at all!

I can come into Pinterest any time and view my little 'collections' and it is just like owning these items - without actually paying any money or having them in the house! It's brilliant. Plus I get to see a whole lot more of what I really like.

It's fixed my need to buy things like glass, themed nick nacks and paintings. I feel like I have them, without actually having them. It's weird, but I really like it.

I couldn't find the name I wanted, but I ended up with Seeking Rainbows which seems to fit somehow. So its if you want to take a look. But most of my interests in here I've never scrapped about. Strange, but there it is.

I don't think it will replace my need to scrap and buy scrap stuff (even if it is only digital), and if I stop buying food I will starve, but hey, it really has increased my love of things, without having to own them!

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  1. Kylie this post really put a smile on my face I totally agree with you, I love Pinterest and I no longer need to buy cook books as I can now just browse the foody stuff all day long, sometimes to long, lol but it has also inspired me to try more new recipes.


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