Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scary Fairytales 2013

Yes- the title is correct. Did you ever sit down as an adult and actually read all of the beloved Fairytales from your childhood? Rapunzel - given away as a baby as payment for stolen vegetables and locked away in a tall tall castle. Snow White - attempted murder by her stepmother via poison, Hansel & Gretel - conned by something too good to be true and locked in a cage ready to be eaten, Little Red Riding Hood - her grandmother eaten by a wolf, and herself nearly as well. The wolf also blew down the little pigs houses, and attempted to murder the Billy Goats Gruff. Cinderella - Evil Stepmother, Sleeping Beauty - evil fairy. The only problem was that I was told as a kid they were 'just fairytales' so I never even thought that these things could happen in real life. Talk to strangers - no problem - the fact that Pinnochio turned into a donkey because he did was totally lost on me!

I did a card as well as a page, as per my promise to myself recently. Hopefully this will get me back to the REAL scrapping table quicker. Both the card and the page are quite dark. I loved the little crooked house at Archiscraps, and the colours at The Color Room for palette #146 (I love grey).

The page and card are a little too digital for my liking but I got out what I needed to. The sky picture is one I took at the coast at Pambula, NSW. Neat huh? I love fluffy cloud shots. I also recently purchased my first lots of digi stuff from IRL paper suppliers - American Crafts and Basic Grey - and used some of that here. Hope to use alot more of it. American Crafts has always been a favourite of mine.

Oh, and that IS me with my teddy in the page!

Card 2013 - hello with tulips and crooked house - for The Color Room
Palette #146 and Archiscraps Fairytale comp

2013 Scary Fairytales - for The Color Room Palette #146 and Archiscraps Fairytale comp


  1. A good take on the topic Kylie.When you see next months you might wish you'd waited. Anyway thanks for joining in at Archiscraps.

  2. I really love your journalling. I agree that fairytales are often a bit wicked and scary. Cute photo of your too.

  3. Well said Kylie - some tales scared the billythumps out of me as a kid. This is a terrific layout with a unique take on it - well done.

  4. I love your quirky style Kylie (but you already know that) - thanks for playing along at Archi-scraps

  5. Great take on the challenge! Love the color palette too! :)

  6. This is such a fun layout Kylie and great topic. LOL... the things we do to our kids... Love the card too.


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