Thursday, 20 July 2017

Small - July 2017

It's one thing to look back at childhood photos and remember places, events and people, but its another thing to look back at photos where I was so small I just don't remember, and to come across such photos or movies in my 40s after so many years is quite amazing.

I'm sure I've seen Dad's home movies many time over the years. As kids we begged him to bring out the film projector and the amazing screen which glistened like diamonds, and we'd watch us as little kids and be totally embarrassed (as Dad occasionally swore when the reel went wrong), and the time before when Dad was a bit of a movie buff making cigarettes pop out of their packets and filming friends and family puffing ciggies like models at the local golf course, occasionally in technicolor.

But as time passed, and the movie camera and projector packed it in, the screen made it across as movie shifted to slides, but even they all disappeared after a bit for photographs.

So when Dad presented me with a CD a few years ago with the surviving home movie footage I watched in amazement and most of which I had forgotten altogether. Unfortunately, with no video software, I used screen grabs or camera shots at the screen to get photos, and then used a number of these in scrapbooking.

And I continually ask myself when I look at these photos, was I ever this small?

Was I Ever This Small? Jul 2017 digi layout - Artastic July challenge

Artastic July 2017 challenge + pen
For the Artastic challenge I loved all the busy angles and colours and linework in the background so I focused on that and reproduced it as minimally as I could to give it that child-like feel. I used my own handwriting as the title. The text reads : "Apparently this is me in 1969 having my first bath which my Dad filmed with his movie camera which was converted to CD a few years ago. I screengrabbed these pics from it."

I really enjoyed the colours and doodles. Not something I do very often.

Ingredients : L Grier Disasterspace 1 - paintstroke 6 & 8, Basic Grey Digital Hello Luscious Flourishes no 8 (border scribble),  Lorie M Designs Cherish - Doodle 2,  Lorie M Doodle Borders no 12 (love hearts), Mommyish Cabochon Flowers No 3 - flower 1 (white polymer flower), LouCee Creations Little Flower Beads no 5 (pink polymer flower), Aliya Designs Because of You - Element 52 (photo frame)


  1. Beautiful and colorful page! I love your colorpainted background :)
    Thanks a lot for joining us at ARTastic! :)

  2. Such a lovely story. Your doodling creates a perfect background for these photos. Thanks for playing along with the ARTastic challenge this month.

  3. Just brilliant Kylie and I love the story you tell with every page you do. Thank you for joining in with us on our ARTastic challenge this month.

  4. Very cute! Very delicate work!
    Thanks a lot for joining us at ARTastic this month!

  5. Great way to blend in journalling with all the swirls.
    Thank you for joining us this month at ARTastic

  6. Love the story behind your layout and the eye catching details. Thank you for sharing this with us at Artastic 😊

  7. Love the background you have created with those colours. And your title is so true, hard to imagine when we were little ;-).

  8. This is fun! Thanks for creating with us at ARTastic!

  9. I love absolutely everything about this!! so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing with us at ARTastic! Anna xo

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. Love this page. Thank you so much for joining us this month at ARTastic.

  11. Love your page and your baby photos! Thank you for joining in with our July challenge at ARTastic!
    Evelyn xx

  12. Love this layout and how awesome that these memories have been saved.


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