Monday, 7 January 2013

one more day of freedom...

Well, not really. Just one more day of 'holidays' before going back to work - a job I love. I have done a few paintings this Christmas break. Just finishing another one now. I had a really great Xmas day and a brilliant time over at the coast. I even won $25 on a poker machine (the only time I ever play them is when I'm at the coast).

The garden survived being watered by someone else whilst I was away, so I guess I had better look after it now, instead of the 6 months of neglect it had endured. I have been weeding and cutting things back that should have been done in Spring.

Will post some pics of the paintings after this last one is squared away. Then I need to think 3D and do some of the items I have undercoated. Decisions, decisions.

It's darn hot here so far, but I'm managing by getting up very early. I even made two salads today to try and stretch me through, as its just too hot to cook anything!

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  1. Glad you had a lovely Christmas and holiday Kylie
    Happy New Year


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