Sunday, 23 December 2012

Cheeky Squirrel 2012

2012 Cheeky Squirrel digi layout CSI comp #50
I really enjoyed this CSI Coordinates Pack #50! Isn't this a cheeky squirrel? I made my own striped pattern paper from the kit (a first for me), and constructed the frame from one of the swirls on the paper in the kit too. journal text says : "My brother Scott has lived in London the past 10 years or so, and like me, loves the park squirrels, whom the Brits put somewhere between the pigeon and the rat!" I used the "gather ye rosebuds" poem in the book but changed it to "acorns". (PS Oh, and it was hell knocking out all those holes from the lace. Hope I don't have to do that again any time soon. Should have used a white background!)
colours - yep,
Ingredients: Sweetly Scrapped butterfly, Squirrel pic (my brother's), squirrel (CSI Cord 27), woodgrain on acorns I created (CSI Cord 27), and from CSI Cord 50 : blue ribbon frame (put together by using mirroring), open book), numbered list, scroll title, tag, stamp, light stripes from patterned paper, blue/white patterned paper, etc
earned these CSI flairs :

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