Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Inner Woodland Fairy 2012

This is another layout for CSI - case file #27. It really made me think about Woodlands. It called for Woodland animals and I immediately began to look at the CSI supplied critters and my own stash for squirrels, deer, etc but then I stopped. I thought about my own woodlands. I live in Australia in the country, in town. There are unnatural woodlands of council planted "green zones" and acre gardens that butt up against them. And in them, there are no bears, squirrels, chipmunks or deer.
So I got out my bird book and I drew out three of my common woodland birds (there are tonnes - I am very lucky to see quite a few species regularly) - I picked my common as mud honeyeater - the white plumed honeyeater - a small bird but vicious in protecting its territory from other birds of any size, the Crested Shrike Tit - a bird mesmerized by its own reflection and if often found on car doors looking at itself in the rear view mirror or against windows, which hangs upsidedown on eaves to grab out pupa from wasp nests, and the Varied Sitella - a tiny bird, which on the coldest of days can be found in a group playing (which are very obvious from the colour under their wings). I get two possums - the brush tail and the ring tail - but the brush tail has more childhood memories of its screeching and running along the tiled roof top with its toenails, and crashing down thru the canopy at night. We had a resident female. We fed her apple at dusk. She lived in Dad's shed. Anytime I'm out at a natural woodland site, I can run into a Brown Wallaby. They have a cute little head.
I used a picture from a friend's garden with a monsterous Silver Birch, because all of the birds around home use both gum and foreign trees for shelter, food, and fun. Christmas Beetles are everywhere at Christmas time - they are totally harmless and easy to pick up (which you feel you must do when you see them struggling on their backs) and put them right again. They have odd legs like grass beetles. They are not here now, but I wanted to include an insect. The fungi is a European import. It is only found with Elms and English trees. But you often see them out in woodlands where a stray Elm is located, in Autumn.
I'm having alot of fun with my Coptic markers. I bought a set to try them out. I made myself a fairy, but I couldn't find a pic that really suited the lightness of the layout.
My Inner Woodland Fairy 2012

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