Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wings 2013 - SAS April

This is my entry for April challenge 'Inspired by" at Scrap Art Studio. I think this is my best page to date there (I've done three pages now). It's almost how I wanted it. It needs something a bit more somehow. I battled with my artistic side of my brain and the thinking side for some time. Losing layers or losing arty components. It was a struggle, but I was so inspired by the cool example pic I really wanted to end up with a page for it. Had to use 50% of SAS material. This is getting easier and easier now that I am a little more familiar with what I bought from there.

I also finally got this idea out. I've had these photos for ages, and started a similar page over 12 months ago, but it never came to anything. I just couldn't get it how I wanted to IRL. This is pretty close.

Wings 2013 - SAS 'Inspired by' april 2013 comp

Ingredients :
[ValC Designs Fly With Me – ‘Cage’, ‘wording escape’, ‘flying 1’ (ducks), ‘Alpha’ (WINGS), E-ArtDoll (edited), E-tinytag-3], Changes (SAS Collab) Add-Ons “Transfer 3’, [Cilenia Curtis Artist’s Toolbox 13 ‘B1 Colored’, ‘B4’, ‘B9 colored’], Cilenia Curtis Follow Your Art Moving Forward ‘Card5’, PrelestnayaP Design Because of You ‘el1’(ring),  Basic Grey Romani Textures GYP_D830 Texture2, font: New Courier

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