Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Canary Catcher 2013

This is for CSI case file #66.

My page is about a pet - but I went for the humorous story option. It was really hard for me to capture this moment in a page.

I've been in such a good mood the last two days its truly affected my page, which was a bit of a disaster before (some may think it still is!). I was inspired by the tiled floor (which reminded me of my hairdresser Cheryl who I've only had for about 12 months now. She works out of her home. There's never a dull moment with Cheryl. This was one of my hairdressing appointments. I did (eventually) get my hair cut.
I liked the pocket idea but couldn't think of anything to put in there so I put myself in the pocket.

Some have commented that it looks like Alice in Wonderland theme - it was totally unintentional, but I agree - it does look like that!

The Canary Catcher 2013 CSI #66

Text around bird says : “I was at the Hairdressers; one lady ahead of me getting her hair styled, when there was an almightly CRASH outside the house. My Hairdresser, Cheryl, looked up, shouted out “OH MY GOD THE CANARY”and took off out the back with scissors in hand. She shouted at myself and the other lady to help, in full panic, she chased off the shocked cat, then we cornered the bird, doused it in water, wrapped it up in a towel, put its cage back together and put it back inside. Cheryl was having a melt down as the bird was being minded by her whilst her friend was away. I said in the future she would laugh about this – she didn’t believe me – but now she tells the story with great gusto and calls me The Canary Catcher.”
(The Scheme – yes, Testimony : “Anatomy of…”, Something Funny, Evidence : buttons, arrows/hearts, flair, plaid/checks, pocket (that’s what I’m in), pet accent (bird))

Ingredients :CSI Coordinates #66 tartan patterned paper, tiled floor, tartan circle journal spot, ‘Anatomy of’ journal tag, flairs, pocket with heart, Websters Pages buttons, silhouettes from internet, CSI Coordinates #17 swallow mask, American Crafts Olive Edition Papers No 6 (changed to grey/white), American Crafts Sleigh Ride Patterned Paper 2 Santa Lane, Lara’s Digital World ‘For Lara’ Flower 1 (changed from pink to red), Fayette Cool Breeze ‘arrow’, Talula Moon Designs Sunset Tape 001 (changed to black), etc

My hairdresser Cheryl's old doggie passed away last week. He was 17 years old. A King Charles Spaniel cross (walking carpet variety). Over the past few years Cheryl has been giving Sammy water by the spoonfuls and hand feeding every morsel because he was a little deaf and quite blind. I thought about all I knew about Cheryl and Sammy to produce the card below. Cheryl is a die in the wool Collingwood supporter, she loves her roses, but I also wanted something that looked like a traditional Sympathy card, and of course, something to show it was for a dog and not for people card. Front cover and inside. I then printed these out and stuck them with double sided tape to a black card and posted it off to her.

Sympathy card for Cheryl (loss of Sammy 17 years) front cover

Sympathy card for Cheryl inside

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