Friday, 22 February 2013

My Nan 2013

My heart is bleeding.
There an emptiness inside.
There is a silence.
There is a quiet relief
I have no regrets
There is comfort in knowing
   she went as she wished, when she wished.
I will miss her, but I won't forget her.
I will have the kindred moments
The quirky memories
   that now change my frowns to smiles when I recall.
Goodbye Nan
Till we meet again.

My Nan 1914 - 2013 Till We Meet Again - original layout. I am there with Nan in 1971 and 1999 (when Pa died)

After i learned nan had passed away, I changed the layout to these colours. Have printed it out and put it in a frame to be there at the funeral. There will be red roses on the coffin, as she always hated white flowers 'they remind me of funerals'. Well, Nan, this is your funeral, but your soul has already gone.

Monday, 18 February 2013


8/11/1914 - 18/2/2013

Saturday, 16 February 2013

bobbing along

I got some things done up the street this morning, did some scanning for future digi scrap pages, visited the amazing Far Far Hill blog that Debbi from CSI gave me the link to (it's just amazing), did some vaccuuming, checked out the reveal of the next CSI comp, had a ridiculous sleep at 11am to 11:30am, finished watching Chicken Run, and just pottered about. I bought some flowers for myself at the florist, which was unusually difficult - they were cleaned out on the 14th - they said this was a first for them after 14 years in business! I got four stems of lillium (colour unknown - buds are too tight) and two bunches of carnations (pale pink and mauve). It's so lovely to have flowers inside again.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Going Solo 2013 digi page

This sketch was really challenging to me - in fact, this page is my second go at it. The colours were also very challenging and it took me a while to find something I was truly happy with. I will post the other page as well. This is for the CSI case file #58.

My trip to New Zealand sometimes seems a dim memory and yet other times I can remember more moments than my later trips away. That's me there in the middle and on the far right (with the lady I shared a room with). Our bus was made up of tourists from around 20 countries. It was wonderful. My first holiday away from my family (excepting school camps!)

Going Solo 2013 digi page

CSI case file #58

[Lorie M cherish – flair3 (coloured mint and cream), p1 patterned paper (brown with circles)], teal material (taken from CSI inspiration photo), CSI coordinates #27 woodgrain (brown), #30 – bolts (from hinge), #31 compass, [#44 frame blue (coloured different colours), single rose outline], #45 antique silver frame (cut my rings out of it), Autumn Leaves Rhonda Farrer – blue bird stamp (coloured teal), [Jasmin Olya Designs CU Rope Elements Vol 2 – item 05, new Zealand stamp & air mail sticker (from postcards I sent at the time), Fayette Designs Happy Faces – SkyDamask patterned paper (coloured teal/brown for teacups), Fayettes Time 4 Dreams – GrungyBeige patterned paper (background), material brad – made it myself, etc

Love At First sight 2013

My first week comp page for CSI as a Special Investigator for case file no #57 is my cousinette Violet with her grandpa (my uncle). I screen grabbed pics from a video feed. I wanted something pretty and to meet all the elements in the case file.

Love At First Sight 2013 Digi page CSI comp #57

My Counsinette Violet when she met her grandad for the first time in Hawaii.
Evidence: hearts, flowers, leaves, birds, solid background, die cuts, 10 layers (heart), feathers, fabric brad, stars, a large heart as a major design element, weave/intertwine something. Testimony - Used a heart-shaped journaling spot, added hearts to journaling spot, used inspiration words
Ingredients: [Fayette Designs Happy Face : Doodle Flower 1 (changed to red/pink and white/pink), Swirl Orange Glitter (changed to white), Floral patterned paper (changed to pink)], [Fayette Designs Time 4 Dream : Leaf2 Lime, Paper Hearts Melon, Stitches], [Lindsay Jane Color My World – Aqua : Aqua Leaves Bright], [Feli Designs Inner Peace – Polka Bow, Element S Bird (made into silhoulette)], [Lorie M Cherish : Flair2 (coloured pink)], CSI Coordinates #16 – feather (coloured green), #21 – scroll, Adobe Fireworks : star, etc

click to go to CSI #57

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The glow of love 2013 digi page (1942)

I'm lucky that my Auntie, Dad's sister, bought over one of the family photo albums one Christmas when I asked to see them, and allowed me to scan several pictures that I liked and hear tales of my Dad's childhood. Dad never spoke of his childhood when we were growing up. I didn't see a picture of his parents until I was in my 30's. His Mum died in his late teens and his Dad died in his early 20's. It was quite traumatic for him and his sister (who was 3 years older than Dad).

His parents owned and ran a tiny general store in the middle of a farming district near Horsham, Victoria, where they struggled to make an existance, and were totally reliant on the store to put food on their table. His parents loved their garden, and there are several lovely photos of them in the garden (for christmas photos to be sent back home to England for Dad's Dad's family).

This photo with Dad at age 2 with his Dad and his sister is one of my favourites. So I used the love of their garden (even Dad himself loved gardening - it was the main thing he had in common with my Mum), inspiration from a wedding flower magazine, and just one digi kit to make a page (see below). I seem to use components of this kit quite often, but rarely more than one or two components per page. So it was challenging to put it all on one page.

It's an odd thing - but my Mum has just the one brother, my Dad just the one sister, and I only have the one brother. Which reduces the number of cousins quite a bit, especially as Dad's sister never married.

I think the page is a little too digi for my liking - I prefer a page that looks like it was done in the traditional paperbased way but I am happy with it and it does show a happy time, and the explosion of flowers reminscient of garden lovers. I toned the photo with a slight purple cast to ground it better in the layout.

The Glow of Love digi page 2013
Ingredients: Feli Designs Lara's Digi World Inner Peace digital kit.

click to go to CSI case file 46

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Special Investigator CSI Feb 2013

I am one of the invited special investigators at CSI for February 2013. This means I got advance warning of all the CSI comps for february 2013, and my pages are displayed with the Design Team members pages at the start of each comp, to be inspiration to others.

It was challenging doing two pages a week - two CSI pages that is!!! But I'm really glad I did. I have just finished my last page for February and emailed it to Debbi. I still have to ingredients lists for two pages - but luckily just the two at the end of the month. Of course, all my pages are still in digi (digital) format.

I felt excited and sick all at the same time - at first I thought getting the comps in advance would be great - but oh, no, it wasn't!! I was totally blinded by not knowing what everyone else was doing - not even the Design Team members. I kept worrying that my pages were going to stick out like a sore thumb! (grab the paper bag and hyperventilate for a bit).

I feel really honored in being asked - and Val (one of my CSI buddies) was also special investigator in the same month! We seem to have alot in common, and some weeks our pages are very similar!

CSI is my new scrap home. I haven't been able to find a digital comp site that suits as yet, and other sites I used to go to don't allow digital pages. I am really thankful to CSI that they do allow digital so I can compete somewhere.

My Nan is in hospital again, but she may be back out and back in the home by tomorrow. I hope so.

link to CSI website :
link to my profile on CSI website (available on in February 2013):

FEB 2013 CSI CASE FILES - my pages
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4


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