Saturday, 17 September 2011

Smile 2011 (1940's style)

Used The Color Room Palette #76 but it kind of came out funny (?) Pink, orange, green and blue are there, but the black seems to overpower them a bit. Also Revolving Door Arist for TCR for 4 weeks - but having some trouble connecting it all up. Darn my lack of Bloggness!!

This is my Dad and his sister in the 1940's. Photos were very rare for them - only at Christmas and only 8 shots I think each year!! (unless very rare occasion (once I think) of family holiday). My Nonna and Pop died when Dad was in his teens and early twenties, so I have no memories of them. They ran a small general store in the middle of a farm belt out in the middle of nowhere (was then, still is). There are very few pictures of my Nonna - she didn't like her double chin to show so all her pics look quite stern with her head held up high.


  1. Kylie this a fantastic page, love the arrangement of squares of pics and pp, lace is beautiful, love it xo

  2. What fabulous Pics Kylie and always love with what you come up with.

    Mary x


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