Sunday, 11 September 2011

Still mojoless

I'm trying very hard this weekend to get back into the zone, but although I am getting alot of chores and things done, I am still not getting "a lot" done in scrapping. I have finished one page earlier on in the week which I am REALLY happy with but I can't display it as yet as it is for a comp where I am a guest artist, and it hasn't come up yet. Darn it. But at the same time, its not what I expected and doesn't even look like it meets the criteria, but I have checked it again and again, and it does. It will just look out of place. :(
The other page on the go is a slow, drawn out process.
I've also started a decorated tin inspired by Kerri at the Boxx. (with ribbons)
It sounds like I'm doing alot.. but not really.
I also received a special order in the mail. Once I year I order a goodie bag of Prima (and other) special flowers which last me the whole year and beyond. It's something I don't see much of locally or at my regular scrap store haunts. Just a bit of bling really...

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