Thursday, 17 December 2020


 What a strange old year its been, none more so than my 51st birthday when Mum & Dad and my Auntie were finally able to get out and come and see me after 8-12 months. Last year for my 50's my brother also came for my birthday from London, but not this year - nor christmas - he'll be stuck in the UK.

So I asked him to email me a recent selfie and I edited it and popped it into a group shot so it feels like he was there in spirit.

The December 2020 challenge from Archiscraps was challenging as usual. I fought with the colours for a bit and in the end had to create my own scallops - either that or use the only ones I possess in my digi kit YET AGAIN which felt tired. 

So I'm happy - not thrilled - with the page.

51 - digital scrapbooking page - Archiscraps Dec 2020 challenge 'use scallops in an unusual way'

I've been so busy with my new interest of nature walking and nature photography that i'm a bit out of practise for scrapbooking pages. But i've plenty of material to use for pages.

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