Sunday, 11 March 2012


This weekend I seem to be doing more "concept" work than actual scrapping. I know the photos I want to scrap. I know what ideas I have about the pages.

So, I throw the photos down on a blank page, and then marshall together things that I think will also be on that page; usually patterned paper and cardstock colours and main embellishments (no finer details). Then I stand back and look at it.

I come back to it a few hours later, and settle down to make the page, which may or may not use all the bits I put together in the concept, and usually the photo arrangement will change as I think about where I'll put journalling and the title.

I've found this method works the best for me, though sometimes, my brain is big enough to do it all in there somewhere, and I go straight from concept work to create the page and it's exactly what I'm thinking and what I saw at concept stage. But this doesn't happen very often!

latest page stage 1 after concept decided. Inspired by Gina's yellow background pic.
 My 'It's a Mystery' page that is currently on the go is inspired by Gina from the Boxx's fortnightly comp as I never would have thought to put red, yellow and pale blue together before. I love movies - so my title is a often repeated saying from Shakespeare in Love, a film which I love, and is about my love of Enid Blyton "mystery" series books. Besides Agatha Christie books, these are the only other novels I read over and over again. I just love them. It's going to be a challenge to somehow show all the books, the characters, the feelings I get when I read them, as I am going to try and do it without needing 1,000 words of journalling!

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