Monday, 12 June 2017

Super Me June 2017

I signed up for a two month challenge with my fitness group and the first week was a doozy - something called "burpees" as many as you can do in five days. Well, I struggled to the things at all and ended up breaking them into pieces. However, my down dogs in my yoga sessions improved no end, so it wasn't all bad.

I found the last few CSI challenges too much of a challenge, and #231 was the same, but I got sick of skipping ones that I found hard, and thought I'll just do it anyway. The primary colours (plus green) is always a challenge for me as I associate those colours with children or my childhood - from my push plastic lawnmower, to that sided ball that you pushed the shapes into, to the lego blocks. So it was hard to come up with something else cause I don't have any childhood pics or kiddies I want to scrap ATM.

So this is what I came up with below. I did something similar many years ago on an IRL page but that was a whole story and always wanted to give it a go in digi scrapping but it never seemed to suit.

The sketch was an added challenge. How do I incorporate it when most of the detail I wanted in and around the text? I decided to stitch the sketch in behind and use an A4 sheet on its side.

Super ME digi layout Jun 2017 CSI challenge #231

Scheme: all colours there, Testimony: What's your super power? / Write in exclamation marks, Evidence : animals, white background, bow & string, eye glasses (mine), googly eyes, speech bubbles, punctuation marks, stars, hearts.

Ingedients: will come back and pop in.


  1. Wow! I think you've done a fabulous job! Love how you've stitched the sketch onto the background and used all the different alpha types! Great Job! You must do ore of the ones that 'challenge' you! Thanks for joining in at CSI!

  2. Wow! I really love this layout. The stitching is so great and how you designed it is perfect. Thanks for joining us at CSI.

  3. Wow, like it a lot! So different, and I really like the stitching!

  4. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who finds primary colours challenging. Yeah for you giving it a go just the same. I love the way you did the journaling. It's really creative, and fun to read and look at. Love the pep talk you are giving yourself. Well done, Kylie. ☺

  5. thank u for all the comments - especially jacynthe - yes - i need to do layouts of challenges i find extra challenging as well as the others. Glad there is someone else who finds those primaries tricky!


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