Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Dream Mar 2017

I was inspired by the Forgeries on the Fourth at Counterfeit to produce this page, which I was sort of going for a mood board look. I really enjoying making articles to fit the forgeries items, but still haven't quite done a proper enter and hop there yet.

The Dream. Digi page. based on Mar 2017 Counterfeit Kit Forgeries on the Fourth
The text says :I had this amazing dream on the third anniversary of my Nan's death on 28th Feb 2017. I was at Auntie Edna's and tea, cake and biscuits were laid out on the coffee table, and Nan, Uncle Allen and AUntie Edna were there and Nan was pouring me tea. It was so real. Auntie Edna was angry and accused me of not visiting her for 2 years. I said it was only near one year, but was afraid to say why (because she died nearly 12 months ago). Auntie Edna seemed to forgive me and gave me a big hug, as did Nan. It was so real, that when I woke up, it took me a while to remember that they have all passed. Mar 2017"

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