Sunday, 19 June 2016

Walking into the Past 2016

Since I've had more freedom in my life I've found I really enjoy going to older parts of Albury or Wodonga and walking around and looking at the older homes, streets and plants. I am being more and more adventurous and seeing parts of the towns that I never knew existed.

One of my favourite areas is in Albury near the Albury High School. Classically laid out blocks intersewn with more modern additions like mini roundabouts to stop hooning, some places flattened for flats, but on the whole, a good mix of each decade from 1900's onwards. Sometimes I imagine what I would do if I owned that house; what I would change, how I would tie the garden into the style of the house. Its a great excuse for going for a walk.

The last time I went there (last weekend) I took my camera, and took some photos of the amazing houses and the trees. So that is what I decided to scrap on the Archiscraps June 2016 diamond challenge. I also did a card, and came up with my own wording.
Walking into the past 2016 digi page
Archiscraps June 2016

Archiscraps June 2016 inspiration - colour pallette and diamonds

Diamonds Card June 2016 digi

Will come back later and pop ingredients in.


  1. These look great Kylie, love the photos and the diamond borders, and lovely card as well.. thanks for joining in with Archiscraps this month!

  2. Kylie ! Wow so good to see you here and your lovely work, it was a pleasant surprise :) Love your layout and your card. Thank you so much for joining in with us at Archiscraps this month.Love the title of your layout and how you used the diamonds to divide each section. Love the colours in your card

  3. Your beautiful card truly captures the colors of the Archi inspo & I love that you were able to tuck the diamonds into your design in such a clever way! I was also intrigued with your explorations around town, and the musings that it prompts. I'll have new eyes as I travel around every day! So happy to see you here again :)

  4. Kylie great work and the colours are perfect. Thanks for playing along at Archiscraps this month :)

  5. Fantastic,thanks for joining us at Archiscraps this month

  6. Your past is so colorful and bright, just as you are!


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