Sunday, 12 June 2016

Auntie Edna.. goodbye

My Auntie Edna passed away on Monday 30th May 2016 aged 95. She was born in 1920, the youngest of seven children. I had shared many moments with her over the years; lots of Christmas's and my 21st birthday party, and visited her at her home many, many times. We exchanged succulents for a time, I got a seedling from her Hoya to grow (she had an amazing one on her front porch), and I shared many of my Nan (my grandmother / her sister) experiences with her as she and I were her main visitors in the last part of her life.

I think Auntie Edna would have enjoyed the funeral, particularly when her beloved Andy Williams tracks were played and seeing all her family and friends come together.

Haven't been able to think of much else these past few weeks, so when a Challenge came up that included softness and flowers, I had to a page on my Auntie Edna.

Edna 2016 digi page - Counterfeit Kit Challenge No 1 - Inspiration Board

and the Inspiration Board that inspired this page
(particularly top left and bottom left):
Background paper : Aida Domisiewicz Frosted Life Cold Wall 13@arts (made in Poland)

Flowers : Far Far Hill Freebies Vintage Scans Illustrations Flowers and Butterflies : 0037 (pansies), Far Far Hill Vintage Illustration kit Roses 005 (orange rose), Far Far Hills Vintage Illustration Freebies 007 (sweet peas), Far Far Hill For You 009 (purple and white flowers), Far Far Hills Feast Love Skimersan 002 (other orange rose) Lara’s Digital World - For Lara - Flower2 & 3 (white rose), Far Far Hill Nocturne el8 (red flower)

Paint splatters: Lgrier Disasterspace no 1 - Paintstrokes no 1 and no 3

Frame: Kimeric Sis Frame 1

Silver Heart: Indigo Designs - Always in my Heart elements no 17

Ribbon : Far Far Hills Feast Love Skimersan 0013

Fonts: Broadway (title) & Baskerville Old Face (text)


  1. Great use of the inspiration board and a lovely tribute to your Aunt. Sending along my sympathies too...

  2. Auntie Edna would be very pround! It's a beautiful page and you have done her memory justice.Condolences


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