Monday, 11 January 2016

Spider in the Fridge Jan 2016

I just had a minor heart attack when I was going through some vegies that have been in my fridge for five days, which I bought back from the coast with me from Mum and Dad's vegie patches. The spider I remember well; it was on the silverbeet at one plot and scared the life out of me there; it appears to be a small huntsman but is orange red in colour. It was sitting in the stalk playing dead - however, after an attempt to cut the stalk it showed it plainly was not dead and wiggled its legs (yuk). I told Dad about it, however, no one seems to have passed this onto Mum who happily went in there and cut silverbeet for me and the darn spider went with her!

I totally annihilated the spider with spray and then tossed it out the back door. I'm a little afraid to try any of the other bags now. Goodness knows what is in them!

It was very un-spider-like behaviour - I've never seen one do that before. And I didn't know they could survive in the fridge either!

Had a lovely time over with Mum and Dad and took lots of photos, some of which I hope to paint later on in the year.

our birding (bird watching)

some of mum and dad's vegies (spiderless)

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