Wednesday, 18 July 2012

In the navy... My Teddy Bear 2012

I've alway wanted to do a 'navy' page, but its so dark and white is so stark against it, I've never had the courage to keep trying until I got something that worked. This is my entry for Orange Paperie & Co (OPC) - scrap something that reminds me of my childhood - well, this pic is it. I am lucky that my Auntie had a colour camera in the 1970s, so for her visits I have a number of colour pics instead of just black and white. Although you can't see much of my teddy in this shot (there are three shots altogether that were taken) I thought this one depicted more of the "mine" - "my teddy bear"!

I doodled the background - inspired by my retro dress, but with a hint of heritage as this memory is the past and sometimes it feels like 100 years ago!

My Teddy Bear 2012 "This is one of my fav pics of me and my teddy bear 'Big Ted' in the early 1970's. I've had my teddy since birth and he is still a part of my life, though with a little less hair!. July 2012"

Close up 1 - white gel pen and gold pen freehand doodling (used pencil for circle of dots around the flowers)

Close up 2

Close up 3 - I punched out the lighter blue circles, and then decorated them to get my flowers and buds.

I ripped these out of magazines to give me inspiration for this page.


  1. Kylie your layout is gorgeous!!!
    Love your doodled clever chickie!!!! Your layouts are so original, that's what I truly love about them. Love the pic of you, you little cute, hey! Iam so re-thinking Navy now!!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration and thank YOU for joining us at OP&C for our very first

  2. How cute you are, gorgeous pic with your teddy. And your free hand doodling is super fabulous. I agree with Kim your layouts are always a delight as they are different and interesting. The colour combo looks awesome. Thanks so much for joining us at Orange Paperie


  3. Wow, awesome job on your layout! I love the matching doodles to the photo. Sooo cute!!

  4. what an awesome page, totally love all the blue and how cute a pic of you, doodling is just amazing, thanks for joining in x


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