Kylie's Switchyard

Yes, this is grand central station - the switchyard - for my blog. The hardest thing I find about blogs is finding things when you want them. It's not like a website. And there are no tables to help you out either. You know - you saw something a few months back and then you go back to find it and you just can't!! I do it with my own blog. Well I'm sick of it. Now I've discovered Pages, maybe I can cheat my way there...

Links to my scrap pages

About Me

What is Holding me back?
Life is Spooky
The Canary Catcher

* Giggler
* Magic in a box
* Recipe 4 Creativity
* Self Portrait
Change (with butterflies) artwork
* Sad Pics
* Stuck
* mmm chocolates (only ever 100% Photoshop layout)
Dream On
My Life as an artist
Flying Horses
Wish No 1 : Capturing Birds
First Biscuits
My Teddy Bear

I Am
Tattoos of Memories
Lost 1 Mojo
Admit One 1969

My Cousinettes


Woodland Fairy


One Fine Day
Rugged Up For Adventure
Daddy's Girl

My Family

Without You (my nan)

* December Birthday Girls
* So This Is Christmas
* Cheeky Squirrel
My Nan / My Birthday *Auntie & Uncle (Who Aren't)
* Virtual Garden (my Nan)
New Clothes 4 Nan

Doodling with a gold pen
* Serenity (my first ever digital page)

My Cards

For My Mum card
Sympathy Card

* Thinking of You Always
* Sending You Lots of Hugs
Thinking of You (with bunnies) and my older Fathers Day card

My Things

* My Home (one of my favourite pages of mine)

Links to my pages about Digital Scrapbooking digi

*All Digital Scrapbooking links
Digital Scrapbooking my first few sniffs

Links to my off page

Matchbox designs, bird house Welcome to the Bird House 2012

Links to my artwork

Colouring in, project from hell Welcome to the Bird House 2012
Past artwork, my older paintings My Life as an Artist 2012

Links to my 'how I do that' pages

Alphas, what to do with leftover ones 2016
Embellishments, technique Twist that ribbon 2012
Embellishments, technique How To Do Yarn Wool Centres 2012
Embellishments, technique I Did a Doodle - Doodling 2012
Embellishments, technique Doodling with a Gold Pen 2011
Stamping, technique Make Your Own Inky background 2012
Storage, clear stamps Storage of my clear stamps 2012
Storage, patterned paper My Patterned Paper Shuffle 2012

Links to other bits

Photography, birds Wish No 1 : Capturing Birds on Film 2012
Advertising I find interesting
Advertising, in magazines is an art It's an ad thing... 2012
Advertising, in magazines No 2 more ads 2012
Advertising, in magazines No 3 early ad Pernod 2012

* digi layouts or digi related

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