Sunday, 22 July 2018

My kind of Soup Winter July 2018

It's hard to take in such a colourful inspiration in Winter in Australia, but that was my challenge with the Archiscraps July 2018 scrapbooking inspiro. So all I could think of of doing a page that would warm me up; what do I do in Winter that I could use these bold colours on? So, for the first time in my scrapping life, I scrapped about my soup making skills. Its so natural to me, it doesn't normally register as a skill.

But ever since I moved out of home, I've been making my own soup my way, throughout winter. I love pumpkin and sweet potato, and usually add something like cauliflower to make it go a bit further. I dice and slice vegetables and boil them, and then add my dry soup mix which forms a base, together with Paprika. I never use soup mixes like cup a soup or anything with croutons or strong flavours like asian or chilli. They are usually just too concentrated or have too much added salt or sugar for me.

I loved placing this bold colours together on my page, and for the first time ever, taking stage photos of my soup making process!

my kind of soup - july 2018 - digi scrapbooking layout Archiscraps 
Archscraps July 2018 inspiration


  1. It is good to scrap about the every day as well as occasions. It's about recording our memories and what may be of interest in the future to people is what you did in your every life. So, bravo. Also, great use of colour.

  2. Very colorful way to document your love of soup! Glad you were inspired by the July Archi-scraps challenge.

  3. What a great colour combo and design. Love your take on the challenge. Thanks for joining us at Archiscraps. Babr

  4. Looks fabulous Kylie. I too make soup all through winter without all the extra flavours.Like the vegetables to taste just like vegetable :) Thanks for entering archiscraps this month.

  5. thanks for all your lovely comments. Julene - my soup tastes like vegetables but is enhanced by things like leeks or paprika or lentils. mmmm...

  6. How clever to scrap about food! And to have so much color on your page as well! Your page is beautiful Kylie. Thanks for joining in at Archiscraps.

  7. this is wonderful and so colorful! Thanks for playing at Archiscraps!


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