Sunday, 26 February 2017

Remembering My Auntie Edna Feb 2017

It's been 3 years since my Nan passed, and almost 12 months since her sister, my Auntie Edna, passed away. Following vivid dreams of them all still being alive, I decided to scrap a page about my Auntie Edna and what I loved most about visiting her.

I used the CSI case file no 224 to create my page. I loved the colours and the inspiring Scene. Things on it reminded me of my Auntie straight off; the cactus - how I would trade her a succulent or cacti she didn't have and she'd give me one I didn't have, the scissors - how she introduced me to my current hairdresser as she used to get her hair set every week and coloured it blonde right up to her late 80's, the watering can and her love of some of the things in her garden that reminded her of her husband who she outlived by more than 30 years, the rabbit - reminds me of easter and the time I would drop in and see her with an easter gift, and the acorn - often found as decoration on tombstones or graves of dearly departed.

How I solved the case : Testimony: use an item from The Scene as inspiration (see above) & Mix of Lettering, Evidence : plain cardstock, animal icon, other plant (pansy), food element (berries), flags & triangles, scissors, diecuts.
My Auntie Edna 2017 digi scrapbooking page CSI #224
The journaling in the triangles reads : M - I'd bring you a succulent plant and you'd trade one of yours I didn't have, I - You were always interested in what I was doing and in seeing my scrapbooking pages, S - I'd drop in for a catch up and you'd always give me a cuppa and a biscuit, S - You loved playing card games for money - Solo and Bridge and going on cruises Y - You loved your cricket and Home and Away and had the biggest TV I'd seen at the time, O - You knitted some amazing throws and cardigans that looked like a machine had done it, U - When I was little you talked more and faster than anyone else I knew. You excelled at gossip. Feb17 - You got your hair permed every week, and I've been using your hairdresser for over 20 years.

Oh, and I was inspired by this page from CSI 223  to use a little bit of black or dark colour in behind the photo to help ground it to the page better. :)

Vero Hello Autumn - Rosettes And Assorted buttons (button)| Sweetly Scrapped - Bunting pink 550193, Jelly Bean Lab Owls In Nature, Indigo Designs Shabby Rose kit (29 white/silver flower, 31 white/silver flower square frame, | Indigo Designs Simply Beautiful - no 2 (pansies), no 13 (white frame) | Tiramisu Designs Capture The Moment - el 3 (forget me not scatter), el13 (butterflies | Old Fashioned Floral Illustrations CN Grafton no 073 (acorns) | Websters Pages Modern Romantic Fabric Buttons (rose button) | Far Far Hill Happy Easter no 008 (rabbit) | M Sweet Boutique - Chrismas Silhouette Horse Clip Art Set 0435 no 15 (horse) | Fayettes Designs Time 4 Dreams - staple prongs (white staples) | Far Far Hill Spring Love kit 001 (patterned paper)

woo hoo. so excited that this page picked up Star Witness.


  1. I think most of us have or had an Aunty Edna because I know I did. You have documented your memories of a wonderful lady so beautifully. Thanks for sharing your Aunty Edna with us all at CSI

  2. Such a lovely layout! Absolutely love the colors.

  3. Beautiful tribute! Love the clever way you did the journaling!


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