Saturday, 29 October 2016

Spring has sprung...

So much going on this year, i have been neglectful all round. Neglectful online, with facebook, with my art and digi scrapbooking. So I decided to do a page today! YAY. I used CSI's 215 challenge as inspiration, but can't seem to login there at all to post, so I'll just post here! I added a bit of black.

Neglectful Me - digi scrapbooking layout - Oct 2016
I love the intensity of irises. They are a surprise packet each year cause to me they all look the same until they flower!


  1. What a beautiful photo and page, Kylie! Loving the composition of your page and the added texture on the edges. Sorry you couldn't add your layout to the CSI gallery. So frustrating!

  2. That's ok Debbi. I'm just happy I made the effort! first page in a while for me. :)


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