Sunday, 10 July 2016

Face The Fear 2016 July - CSI 204 - digi

Oh, the pretty pretty pretty pretty colours of CSI's #204. Enough to drag anyone in - through barbed wire or brick wall. And the Testimony which lead me to the Face The Fears inspiration really helped me to stop and think of all the things I've achieved this year so far in working to break some of my life long fears. So that's what I based my page on; that and my favourite things like birds, flowers, using myself as a paper doll, flourishes (i so love them), paint splatters (my favourites!), and creating a very freehand looking page with digi medium. There's actually more photos here of mine than meets the eye - besides the photo of me, I took all those bird photos individually (and the one flower - the petunia).

CSI #204 Time To Face The Fears 2016 July digi
CSI 204 inspirational
Testimony: document about something you love alot (besides the birds and flowers and elements I really do love these things I've managed to do so far even though it was scary for me), Creativity Prompt : Face The Fears, Evidence : Evidence: damask pattern, polka dots, stripes, hearts, wings, birds, bird cage, metal, swirls/flourishes, borders ,frames, flowers.
Ingredients: will come back and put them in (I hope).

I also created this card using my digi page. I like
to make a card with each layout so when I
need a card I can whip one out much

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