Monday, 14 March 2016

Forgeries on the Fourth - March 2016 - everyday thankful

I found it very challenging to focus on a theme and then to use the inspiration provided to turn a page into a loose form pie or other chart. I loved the quotes sheet and also incorporated one of those as the originals were not good enough quality to use as they were.

What are we actually thankful for? For me, at the moment, the personal level is a bit of a mess, so I went to a higher level. If I was going to thank God (or a higher being) what would I thank them for?

Trying to encorporate enough of the chart themes and some photos was also challenging, but in the end I got a few on there - including one of my best bug shots, and a pic of me I took just for quirky scrapbooking pages!

This one and the page before it, are the first scrapping i've done for weeks. It was good to create something again.

Forgeries on the Fourth - March 2016 challenge was a challenge, but I'm happy with this page.

'Everyday Thankful' digi scrapbooking page 2016

I also created a card based on this theme.

"Thankful Card' 2016


  1. Cute card and I love the elements that you have chosen.

  2. Great page - it so clearly expressed your thoughts.

  3. Great way to incorporate a list!

  4. I love the way that the elements in the layout look as though they might be your thought bubbles! :)

  5. I adore the whimsy & charm of your layout! Thx for sharing :)


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