Monday, 14 March 2016

Forgeries on the Fourth - March 2016 - everyday thankful

I found it very challenging to focus on a theme and then to use the inspiration provided to turn a page into a loose form pie or other chart. I loved the quotes sheet and also incorporated one of those as the originals were not good enough quality to use as they were.

What are we actually thankful for? For me, at the moment, the personal level is a bit of a mess, so I went to a higher level. If I was going to thank God (or a higher being) what would I thank them for?

Trying to encorporate enough of the chart themes and some photos was also challenging, but in the end I got a few on there - including one of my best bug shots, and a pic of me I took just for quirky scrapbooking pages!

This one and the page before it, are the first scrapping i've done for weeks. It was good to create something again.

Forgeries on the Fourth - March 2016 challenge was a challenge, but I'm happy with this page.

'Everyday Thankful' digi scrapbooking page 2016

I also created a card based on this theme.

"Thankful Card' 2016

May you live in pinteresting times...

This is my page for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge March #1 which invited us to be inspired by a Pinterest picture and create a page from that.

This is my digi page "Life" 2016 based on the above.

I chose this pic from my Pinterest - the flower
arrangement in the rounded white vase.

 Journaling says : "Life is about growth. About moving forward. Learning from mistakes. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it isn't fair."

I couldn't find lettering in my staff or fonts I was happy with, so I cut out the letters from the grass. I didn't have the right flowers to match the photo, so I found things in my stash that were of a similar shape or value and then edited them to fit. One day, someone will make pretty blossom sticks like there are in that photo; in the meantime I will have to improvise!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Painting, Heat & Similar Frustrations March 2016

This summer just keeps going and going. So lucky my splitty was installed last year. Now its really making a difference. I've been painting, but more detailed works with pens (.01, .02, .05, .08) and branched out onto larger pieces on stiffened card. I love the contrasts and how you can attain them with pens; plus at the moment detailed squiggles seem almost relaxing.

Struggling with most other things, but starting to point back in the right direction now.

Looking at several upcoming things like a very scary submission to a gallery for an exhibition, where they will only select 40 works from various local artists. Have one painting done, and if the pen one gets finished before then it might pip it at the post.

Yoga and work are the only constant.

Working TItle: Method in the Maddness No 2
Half finished (the lower half) of this larger than A3 work.
No sketch required - just sit down and start doodling.

Started this this morning. No idea really where I'm going.
could even be the other way up! I was going to channel the idea
of a creek.


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