Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Year 2015

It's so hard to believe its the start of another year. Still walking every morning. Still lots of firsts. My painting is going well, really starting wrap my head around the acrylics paint now and bend it to my will.

NUMBER OF NEW MUSCLES DISCOVERED : 1 - on my lower butt at the back. Pulled it after clearing/cleaning my old scrapbooking cupboard (top right only) and chased something that fell off between the table and the shelves (I laid & stretched over the table and reached for it). Four days later in total agony at night! Another visit to the physio and a new set of instructions (which take as much brain power to do as contortioning my body parts)

NUMBER OF NEW PAINTINGS DONE : 4 - not happy with two - a paint over perhaps. The sunrise one from Pambula Beach pics I took is ok.


NUMBER OF MOVIES WATCHED THIS WEEK : 1 (Bolt - including the making of) that's twice in 2 months - the rest has been Time Team episodes

NUMBER OF SCRAPBOOKING PAGES CONSTRUCTED : almost 1. Slacker! Need to get cracking.

NUMBER OF NEW GAMES DISCOVERED : 2 - finally found a pool / snooker online game I like and is challenging. Pool Live Pro Facebook game. Also discovered Criminal Case which is a good filler game.

NUMBER OF RAINBOWS DISCOVERED : 1 back at work and getting into it. Busiest time of year and trying to set up for new budget plus writing off past year. Really moving mountains without pushing myself over an edge.

NUMBER OF MAGICAL NATURE MOMENTS : 1 the ducks at work have had another hatching. First lot was 8, second lot 7, and now they have 3 tiny little fluff balls. Wood Ducks. It's some of the best parenting I've ever seen with ducks. They are as cute as young Masked Lapwings (Plovers) - I want to go over and pick one up and cuddle it - but if I did that I would be pecked to near death by the parents!

I'm still on the CSI Design team and enjoying every minute of that. It's hard after a break to get back into it and wrap my head around the challenges. Not lacking in photos ever.

Testimony: Prompt Idea – be inspired by “today is the first day of the rest of your life”. Evidence: stripes, snowflakes, silver metal, three of something (cornflowers), loopy font, stars, rhinestones, glitter, something transparent, ribbon. The poem at the top and bottom is a verse and chorus from one of my favourite Seekers songs – The Emerald City (seemed to go somehow with this challenge): “rain it falls like tinsel teardrops, rivers flow through jungles tall, witches watch through magic mirrors, frost and fog covers crystal balls. Take me to the Emerald City, wizards will give us lemonade. it’s a land of treasures pretty, ruby roses never fade.”
Ingredients: ICC Fresh Flowers 3 no 9 (forget me not floret), SHH Wild Plants – Cornflower, SHH Field Poppy no 3 (changed to blue), Laura Burger Designs Time Travels – flower7 (pointy flower), SClingerman About A Boy – flower2 (white paper), ICC Little Flower Beads no 3 (polymer clay), Feli Designs A Thing of Beauty – Decorative Flower (metal pointed flower), [K Cronin Barrow Christmas Wish Joyful – Jewel (crystal star like brooch), berries (silver/white balls on twig), snowflake2, star2], stripes ahoy (made it myself), Far Far Hills Old Worn Metallic Surfaces 006 (strip at top and bottom of page), Basic Grey Phresh and Phunky trims – green bowstripe, Yalana Designs Light Feelings – no 142 jewelled swirl, SHH Photo Textures – no 3 (background blue light spots), Lara’s Digital World Bye Bye Summer elements – flower3 (blue striped paper flower), aussie stamps, etc

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