Sunday, 4 October 2015

October with Footy, bacon and a dogs butt

Although I have watched very little football (AFL) on TV this year, and I strongly suspected that no team could beat my personal least favourite team of Hawthorn, I still got to drive up and get a few necessities like everyone else did on the Saturday morning prior to the game being televised.

At the supermarket, as I was buying rare celebrative bacon for a special breakfast the next morning (2 short cut), I could hear a father and about four small children behind me in the bakery/meat area. The father said "You can have anything you like for lunch - but not donuts!". There was much whining and disappointment. I thought it was a classic child moment.

As I walked to the bakery, I watched as a woman walked her little poodle cross across the road on a lead out in front of her. As soon as they reached half way, the little dog suddenly sat on the road and reached around to chew its butt. There was traffic about - but all 40 kms, but the woman suddenly screeched and shook the lead, and the dog reluctantly moved onward very quickly, nearly tripping up in its own feet.

As I moved to the fruit store I realised that there were about 40 panel vans of various years, very shiny, throughout the car park, and several people standing around with the same T shirts. In the back of one of the vans a couple appeared passed out in the back asleep. At first I thought it must be some kind of car show or demonstration (even though that public car park had never had anything like that before), but later I realised that they must have been there for a pit stop at the bakery, on their way to elsewhere. Taking up that many spaces made it difficult for anyone else to get a park to shop.

Suddenly a police car did a circuit of all the cars and stopped to talk to someone. The police station is just across the road from the car park.

After I came out of the fruit store, all the vehicles had gone except for one - so they were obviously on their way somewhere else.

Anyone who came later than 9am wouldn't even have known they had been there!

Daylight saving occurred on that Sunday without a hitch for me. I was already in the zone. October is the month I always forget exists, so its nice to have four extra weeks before I start to slip into Christmas.

I sold this painting at the end of
September 2015 - Camellias and May - the purchaser rang
me up on the phone to say how much she liked it.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

September Smiles

I was looking at my fridge this morning and thought, gee, this really has some stuff on it and needs a bit of a tidy up. Then I started to look at all the fridge magnets, notes, paintings, and photos and memories and smiles flooded back. In the end, of course, nothing was done about the fridge, but I did take a few pics of things for a future digi scrap page/s and got to remember for a bit on how quickly time travels.
Inlaid hand made from India - my Auntie
got this for me in 2014

My brother lives in London and got this neat
fridge magnet from there around 2011.

Golden seahorse with blue heart stone - my Auntie got this for me
when she went to Northern Western Australia/NT. It's one of my
favourite fridge magnets

My Design Team page for Color Stories Inspiration - 2015 - "Konfru"

My Design Team digi page for Color Stories Inspiration - 2015 - "Tumut"

My Design Team page for Color Stories Inspiration - 2015 - "Yoga"

Monday, 15 June 2015

Jumping for June

Flower Power Doodle 2015 - one of the A4 ones. This
is so relaxing to create. Really enjoy it.
I'm still doing Yoga once a week and really enjoying it. It's nothing like I thought it would be. I've never felt my body so relaxed before ever in my life. And I can feel muscles that I didn't even know existed. I'm practising things at home I've had difficultly doing in session, and that seems to help, though can be challenging initially. I'm tired mentally from Yoga, though not always physically. Trying to find the brain cell in my head that controls the string to move a particularly muscle or do a particular thing is very tiring. I hear myself say "I can't do that" and don't always give it a go, until I get home, and then find I can do it straight away. Darn it. I haven't seen so much of the floor ever before.

Painting is still going well, and I sold another painting already this month (that's three this year), as well as several cards of my work this year. I'm averaging selling about 2 cards per month, though I can sell up to 4 cards in 1 month. There is no rhyme or reason to what sells, except that the birds/animals and my weirder ones sell better than just landscapes or still lifes (go figure!) but not when I offer them as originals for peoples walls. Flowers on cards seem to be just as popular as animals or birds.

I'm also still adios'ing my scrapbooking supplies out the door into packets and bits and taking them to a local money raising scheme for Ovarian Cancer. I got a hug last week from a lady who bought one of my lots for $70 towards the charity, just as I walked in and I wondered who the heck she was. Apparently someone who has just got into card making! I've still got a way to go, but at least I'm starting to get empty containers now. I desperately need the space in the shelving for my artwork related stuff.

I have started to create a series of doodle works after seeing a site CSI scrapbooking site Debbi recommended on creating your own Mandalas from the centre out (just my making it up whatever is in your head). Sometimes I just crave for detail, and this is filling this gap very well. I've created about four pieces A4 size, and three pieces A5 card size. Will try and scan some and use them as cards and see if they sell. All my card raising money goes into a little star shaped piggie bank, and when I need paint, I empty it out and take that money with me. It all helps. A card is $3, and a tube of paint is $8.

I've got the charity auction for Headspace for the Van Gogh works coming up at the end of July - I've volunteered to work on the door. I've already put in some leave around that, as its going to be full on and a late night.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Marvellous May & The Golden Windhorse

I'm still painting madly for the Van Gogh auction in July - where artists paintings are either inspired by the style of the great artist or replicas of his work. All the money raised goes to Headspace. I've got three paintings done now, and another one coming which I'm not sure will be good enough. Three of the paintings are in the style of, whereas one little 9x5" is a copy of Wheat Fields and Cypresses.

I've managed to step it up a bit in my personal exercise reigeme after a bit of a lull of only down to walking stairs for 30 minutes on a Tuesday. I've bitten the bullet and jumped into a yoga class, even though my body is a less than ideal shape for that. I was so proud of myself. I made toasted honey sandwiches beforehand and ate them before going to the class at 7:15pm. And of course, this morning I couldn't find the butter anywhere. Eventually I looked in the freezer - and yep - there is was. This is what happens when I'm anxious (scared out of my wits). Oh, well, it will thaw!

I've gone back to watch Midsomer Murders from the very first few, some of which are my all time favourites - like 'Death in Disguise 1999' - which features The Lodge of the Golden Windhorse' and May Cuttle (played by Hyacinth Bucket's sister Daisy).

This week I also managed to get that darn rubiks cube out again - the same one which I took away with me at Easter and got to only 3 colours left to place and did it all over the easter weekend without it popping out. I then left it on a shelf for several weeks (disgusted with myself) and then this week, picked it up, turned it four time, and got the thing out! It's so annoying that I don't seem to know how I'm getting it out, and yet I get it out. Its really good for your fingers and wrists though.

We've had the best Autumn colour in leaves for years and years and years. May has been a spectacle.

I'm looking forward to more painting, more sales, more exercise, and getting fit and flexible.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Walk on the wild side

From the Border Mail newspaper - I am bringing up the rear!
I am still walking and walking. I joined the Active April (Victorian Government) initiative and am posting all my active time on the website. I joined as an individual and as part of my workplace. It's amazing what everyone is doing for activities - dancing, cricket, swimming, etc etc and its like Autumn going on Winter.

I went to Tumut for Easter and thoroughly enjoyed the caravan park atmosphere, and as luck would have it, it was right next door to their wetlands where I went every day to do a little birdwatching. I got up close and personal with one of my most elusive birds - the White Throated Gerygone (which is actually a little yellow bird with a grey back and a white bib under its beak) which is not native to my area but I have seen it fleetingly at the coast before - up the top of HUGE gum trees or heard its beautiful tinkling voice. But at the wetlands it was down low and leading me on through the trees and shrubs and each day I got another look. I even got some photos with my poor little camera, which were not great, but at least I can kind of see the bird. There were hoards of Corellas and Cockatoos at the site too - roosting at night, and the din made it feel all that more Australian. I really enjoyed the landscapes and went to Blowering Dam on a day which was closed in a foggy at first, and then opened up to sunny and clear.

I have starting doing a little running in the mornings, and walking whenever I can. I think recording my active time is helping to urge me on. I am in the top 5 at work, which I am a little surprised over, as there are lots more very fit people at work than me.

My painting is going extremely well and I sold two paintings at the end of March/early April. A sheep portrait and a flower painting. I have sold more paintings now than Van Gogh. I have also completed a painting for a charity auction in July - copy or use Van Gogh paintings for inspiration. I chose Starry Night - but I turned a local downtown scene into my starry starry night. Its not a big painting, but I spent a fair bit of time on it - blasted modeling paste - should really have put a colour into that rather than left it white - took me forever to get into all the cracks with paint!. Now the art group want to use it in the advertising! Crikey!

I have so many things I want to paint but so little time! I try and do a bit of painting each night and then let fly on the weekend. I went back out and did some painting outdoors again, but not as successful as last time. I used paper instead of canvas and I think that was a problem. I really like painting on canvas with acrylics. I also got some paintings of mine framed for the first time in 20 years. So much has changed. They can whip the canvas off the canvas and stick it onto a board to enable framing without canvas protruding!

I have made a list of things I want to paint, so when I am in the mood, I can just go-go-go.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

I picked up Jesus today...

The month has flown by; work has been hectic and full on, and I've struggled to maintain an healthy balance. Work 80% home 20% - just not good enough. Have a long weekend this weekend to try and get it back to 50-50.

I participated in a fun walk at work this week - a first for me - never been in a public walk or run before, and certainly never done a proper warm up before (the local fitness centre came and directed us on that). The walk was 3 kilometres and though I bought up the rear of 12 people, I didn't mind; I was so glad to be out there (at midday on a day of 34), talking and walking (for the first time also), and enjoying my work's grounds and the university next door which I haven't been to for about 6 years. I got round without dying, and though I was a little red in the face, I ate my complimentary fruit and water, talked to others, and then did a quick change in the toilets and went back to my office for the afternoon. Sure, it took 1 hour to recover, but I did.

This morning I was determined to walk further than I have been in the mornings - seeing I did that 3 kilometre walk at a hotter part of the day, and still pulled up afterwards and wasn't sore at all. So this morning, I walked down along the creek to Yarralumla Drive, back round onto my road. It took 35 minutes. And I was totally fine; sure my leg muscles are a bit stiff, but walking at 8am is much cooler and easier. I just need to learn how to walk faster - I am a bit slow at the pace I've set for rhythym - which I had none of when I started October last year.

When I got back, I pulled out the mail from my front neighbours (mormon church) as their delegates are taking a break and no one has been in their for six weeks now. I was about to step up onto my verandah, when I saw Jesus on the cement. They have had a painting picture on cardboard on their front door ever since they leased the unit in the front, stuck with bluetak, but Jesus has blown off after the weather. I picked him up, and put him between their wire door and front door and shut the wire door firmly.

When I got inside my place I thought, wow, besides everything else I've done this week and this morning, I always picked up Jesus.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Back to the daily grind

Although I love working and really enjoy my job, the last few months since I got back from christmas break where I did loads of exercise and cool stuff, I have found it very, very hard to sit down and do my work. Even at work, I'm going off at around 11am to walk around the buildings and come back to my desk because I crave the outside break so much.

And if I do go for a walk - even upstairs or to another building to pick something up or drop something off, then when I get back, I fidget and don't what to concentrate on my work. I want to go on a 'moonwalk' like Mr Squiggle used to (Australian TV).

My painting is going really well - lots of creative works coming out no problem. Scrapbooking comes in waves. But I've started to slack off at home again; so I know I've got to pull my socks up and get back on track again. My shorts keep falling down - and I don't want to get new ones cause I only bought these in October last year! Hardly had any wear on them at all.

I can feel that I have lost weight, but can't necessarily always see it. But that's ok.
'Dreamy' digi scrapbooking page CSI #155 Design Team

Month of February:

NUMBER OF TIMES I'VE BEEN BIRDING THIS YEAR (SO FAR at home) : 1 (its been a bit hot and humid of late)


NUMBER OF THINGS I PLANTED IN MY GARDEN : 1 new rose bush I bought in Feb. It's supposed to be shorter, but has gorgeous David AUstin like flowers and has a classic fruity scent.

NUMBER OF PAINTINGS I'VE FINISHED : 2 (rosella and my van gogh inspired one)

NUMBER OF TIMES I CRAVED FOR CHOCOLATE: 1 (right now - really bad!)


NUMBER OF TIMES I BECAME SADIE THE CLEANING LADY AND DID AN AWESOME CLEAN UP JOB IN ONE OF MY ROOMS: 1.5 - I cleared the dining room table, and a part of the laundry (where I found two bags of knick knacks from when I moved in that I forgot to put out. I think they can almost go straight to the charity shop.

NUMBER OF TIMES I PUT SOMETHING INTO ORDER: I picked up ALL the DVDs littered around the base of the TV and put them away where they belonged. I closed the glass cabinet with a decisive bang, and then heard a whole row topple over. Arrgghh!

NUMBER OF TIMES I SPOOKED MYSELF WITH REFLECTIONS ON SHINY SURFACES : 8+ (seem to be very jumpy this month - or I have cleaned more than was previously done)


NUMBER OF WEIRD CREATURES I CAME ACROSS : 2 - a very pretty moth at work that I caught and released (cream lacey effect with a couple of very small red dots on the back wings), Skink in the garden when I was watering - biggest one I've ever seen - almost a foot long, and its body about twice a pencil thickness. It was really quite beautiful but very panicked. I told it not to worry. I wasn't going to hurt it.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

New Years Resolutions





NUMBER OF THINGS I PLANTED IN POTS: 2 zygote cuttings, vincas & 1 petunia






NUMBER OF TIMES I PUT SOMETHING INTO ORDER: 1 (I labelled all my CDs on the side with a sticker so its easy to put them back into order in the unit)

Ingredients: Far Far Hills Freebies Kit ‘Scary and Dark’ 002 (black wooden boards), Far Far Hills Freebies Kit ‘Photo Frames’ 004, American Crafts City Park Echo Park Ribbon Orange Dot, Basic Grey Hello Luscious Borders – Border 4 (beaded circles), Cilenia Curtis Tab Tags no 19, Far Far Hills Freebies Kit ‘Tags Alpha’ (‘sunrise’), [Fayette Designs Beach Therapy – seagull profile, Hisbiscus teal (changed to burnt orange)], S Clingerman A Boys Story ‘fence’ (reminds me of Jaws!), etc 

Sunrise - my digital scrapbooking layout for the design team of CSI.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Year 2015

It's so hard to believe its the start of another year. Still walking every morning. Still lots of firsts. My painting is going well, really starting wrap my head around the acrylics paint now and bend it to my will.

NUMBER OF NEW MUSCLES DISCOVERED : 1 - on my lower butt at the back. Pulled it after clearing/cleaning my old scrapbooking cupboard (top right only) and chased something that fell off between the table and the shelves (I laid & stretched over the table and reached for it). Four days later in total agony at night! Another visit to the physio and a new set of instructions (which take as much brain power to do as contortioning my body parts)

NUMBER OF NEW PAINTINGS DONE : 4 - not happy with two - a paint over perhaps. The sunrise one from Pambula Beach pics I took is ok.


NUMBER OF MOVIES WATCHED THIS WEEK : 1 (Bolt - including the making of) that's twice in 2 months - the rest has been Time Team episodes

NUMBER OF SCRAPBOOKING PAGES CONSTRUCTED : almost 1. Slacker! Need to get cracking.

NUMBER OF NEW GAMES DISCOVERED : 2 - finally found a pool / snooker online game I like and is challenging. Pool Live Pro Facebook game. Also discovered Criminal Case which is a good filler game.

NUMBER OF RAINBOWS DISCOVERED : 1 back at work and getting into it. Busiest time of year and trying to set up for new budget plus writing off past year. Really moving mountains without pushing myself over an edge.

NUMBER OF MAGICAL NATURE MOMENTS : 1 the ducks at work have had another hatching. First lot was 8, second lot 7, and now they have 3 tiny little fluff balls. Wood Ducks. It's some of the best parenting I've ever seen with ducks. They are as cute as young Masked Lapwings (Plovers) - I want to go over and pick one up and cuddle it - but if I did that I would be pecked to near death by the parents!

I'm still on the CSI Design team and enjoying every minute of that. It's hard after a break to get back into it and wrap my head around the challenges. Not lacking in photos ever.

Testimony: Prompt Idea – be inspired by “today is the first day of the rest of your life”. Evidence: stripes, snowflakes, silver metal, three of something (cornflowers), loopy font, stars, rhinestones, glitter, something transparent, ribbon. The poem at the top and bottom is a verse and chorus from one of my favourite Seekers songs – The Emerald City (seemed to go somehow with this challenge): “rain it falls like tinsel teardrops, rivers flow through jungles tall, witches watch through magic mirrors, frost and fog covers crystal balls. Take me to the Emerald City, wizards will give us lemonade. it’s a land of treasures pretty, ruby roses never fade.”
Ingredients: ICC Fresh Flowers 3 no 9 (forget me not floret), SHH Wild Plants – Cornflower, SHH Field Poppy no 3 (changed to blue), Laura Burger Designs Time Travels – flower7 (pointy flower), SClingerman About A Boy – flower2 (white paper), ICC Little Flower Beads no 3 (polymer clay), Feli Designs A Thing of Beauty – Decorative Flower (metal pointed flower), [K Cronin Barrow Christmas Wish Joyful – Jewel (crystal star like brooch), berries (silver/white balls on twig), snowflake2, star2], stripes ahoy (made it myself), Far Far Hills Old Worn Metallic Surfaces 006 (strip at top and bottom of page), Basic Grey Phresh and Phunky trims – green bowstripe, Yalana Designs Light Feelings – no 142 jewelled swirl, SHH Photo Textures – no 3 (background blue light spots), Lara’s Digital World Bye Bye Summer elements – flower3 (blue striped paper flower), aussie stamps, etc


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