Thursday, 14 November 2013

There's Something About.. Chickens 2013 digi layout

I was really surprised about the memories I have of chickens, and how this challenge made me feel; remembering good and interesting times from my childhood that I had kind of forgotten. I tried and tried to find the wallpaper that my Nan used to have on her kitchen wall, but I couldn't. So I replicated it the best I could from memory - as there are no photos of Nan in her kitchen that I have ever seen.

The journaling says : "My Nan and Pa had chickens in their backyard, and 'feeding the chickens' was something I enjoyed helping Nan with. They re-decorated their kitchen in the 1970's and Nan chose a retro style mirrored pattern with two large chickens in green and orange facing each other in one band and two smaller ones in a second row, with a pattern similar to the background of this page. My favourite chook painting is the one attached - by Klimt with the hollyhock lined pathway. The material chicken is a pin cushion I bought at a market at Chiltern, Vic and the carved and painted Indonesian chooks I just love. I recently bought a book on chickens and their breeds, and my favourites seem to be the Sussex and Hamburg. I've never had chickens myself, but there's something calming and relaxing about them. And they remind me of my Nan.

As a child I used to go and watch the seasoned exhibitors preparing their chickens for the judges at the Ag Shows . Chickens hanging upsidedown, hair dryers and amazing care taken to make them look good.

Pixels & Paper Nov 2013 Challenge Photo

There's Something About Chickens 2013 -
for Pixels & Paper Nov 2013 challenge


  1. Gosh I love this - it is totally brilliant. It is so bright and cheerful and full of happy memories. Well done Kylie - a super page.

  2. Oh Kylie I love this! You must have had a wonderful childhood with your Nan! I have four chooks and I have always had chooks.....grew up on a farm. I talk to them every morning when I feed them and I get 4 eggs every day except at Easter they stop Mum told me this and it is completely true!! My chooks make me feel close to my Mum and I miss her so much and it's been such a long time.....okay getting sentimental here! I love what you do and how you express yourself! cheers

  3. Hi Kylie! This is such a cheerful page. Love your journalled story, so full of cherished memories. The chook photos are great (love your pincushion) and the colours and patterns in the background do them justice. Thank you for again joining us at P & P this month. It's always lovely to see your creative pages. Cheers, Di


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