Sunday, 10 November 2013

Art Exhibition

I am also celebrating (feeling sick and excited all at once) about exhibiting four recent paintings in an Acrylic exhibition at my local nursery. I took pics (eventually) of me and the art work. It was a really weird feeling being separated from the paintings. Its been 20 years since I put anything into an exhibition or show! I feel so proud, but it's also very scary because I'm don't feel I'm quite there yet with my acrylics - I prefer gouache! Our little Acrylics group started in May - a spin off of the local Art Society to which we are all members. I happened to walk in on the first one by accident, and have been going each month ever since.

It's a harrowing experience. But I've learnt so much in such a short period of time. I'm hoping to create freer works, but even if I get stuck with these I love them and will gladly put them on my own walls!

me with my flowers painting (least happy with) and my horse painted on ripped up sheet music on canvas. Put a packet on that so hopefully it won't sell!

me with my other two paintings using scrapping techniques; the top one I created the dove templates and used glimmermist. The background is bill envelope innards. The bottom one is on sheet music ripped up.

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