Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tulips Tea and Me 2013

This is my comp page for CSI #91 which I really enjoyed doing. I have discovered the use of white in my layouts to balance out colours. I can hum or hear my favourite music in my head at any time of day - even if I'm not playing it!

It wasn't until I was nearly finished that I realised how Webster's Pages this palette was, darn it! I was inspired by Helen's page - particularly the music, so I screen grabbed my easy listening playlist and whacked that on the page. (I will put the full list on my blog)

Testimony: Document something you enjoy daily. The Scheme - yep, Evidence: bird, leaves (real ones?), wet medium, stripes, ribbon, tearing, speech/thought bubble. will come back and put ingredients in.
The title is a play on a movie I saw once and loved, but have never seen it again; Coffee Tea or Me.

journalling reads : "How can I explain that, besides tea (my life - blood) and my favourite music, I also enjoy tulips daily? I grow them in Spring. I've always loved them, and when I look throughout the house, they follow me about; photo album covers, books, patterns, desktop pics at work. I have memories of nagging Mum and Dad every year to take me to Tesselaars (THE tulip farm in Australia), and seeing the amazing varieties and colour combos. The tulip on the page is one I grew this year - Happy Generation. I've also included my favourite PlayList - 'Depression in the Mix' which I put together over a couple of years - just my easy listening playlist (not the angry beating one!).

2013 Tulips Tea and Me for CSI #91

CSI comp #91

My playlist is :
Confide in Me - Kylie Minogue -  1994
Over the Rainbow - Judy Garland - 1939
The End of the World - Susan Boyle - 2009
Look Down, Lord (from Rosewood) - John Williams - 2000
Forever and Ever (from Picnic At Hanging Rock) - Georg Zamfir - 1995 (my cd)
Suite for solo cello No 1 in G major BMV 1007 : prelude - Bach 2002 (my version)
Sadness Part 1 Enigma - 1992
Hovern Enkan (A Cool Breeze Is Blowing) - Gevorg Dabaghyan - Duduk - 1996
Hallelujah - Alison Crowe (Tidings album) - 2004
Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly - 1952
The Russian Creed op 29 no 8 - Grechaninov - 1975 recording on 1993 CD
Bittersweet Goodbye - Kylie Minogue - 2001
White Christmas - Bing Crosby - (from 100 years of Cinema cd)
Mad World (from Donnie Darko) - Gary Jules (my fav version) - 2001
The Friendship Theme (from Beaches) - Bette Midler - 1989 (no singing so unclear if Bette wrote this)
Never Saw Blue Like That - Shawn Colvin (from Runaway Bride soundtrack) - 1999
Someone Like You - Richard Clayderman (Romantique album) - 2013
I Think It's Going to Rain Today - Bette Midler (also from Beaches soundtrack) - 1989
Building the Barn (from the movie Witness) - Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (from Cardio Workout CD) - 2009
Le Onde - Richard Clayderman (also from Romantique album) 2013

I'm pretty particular about which version of the music it is. There are so many re-dos and take offs over time of some songs and they all sound different or have a different spin, whilst others which I love, don't get revamped! (Bittersweet Goodbye I love but no one has ever heard of it!)

My brother gave me the latest Richard Clayderman album (I thought he was dead?) and these two pieces went straight onto my favourites list.  I love how he plays them!!!


  1. A beautiful fresh spring look to this page Kylie....your teacup is divine and I share your love of tulips. We travelled to Tessellars one year and ordered dozens of them....they looked glorious for one year, but sadly don't like the climate here at all. I love the cheeky little birds and the ornate frame. The icing on the cake has been the play list.....LOVE the Bach Cello and the Mad World (has to be that version), Halleluljah is a fave too, but I prefer the Leonard Cohen version. Will be back to check out some of the others on the list that are new to me. TFS

  2. I've only just discovered Leonard Cohen at SongPop. I'm learning lots about modern music there. He comes up alot in the category 60's Folk. When I first saw his name I said 'Who?' but I know lots of his songs!


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