Saturday, 31 August 2013

Graceful 2013

I had alot of trouble getting this page together, yet I loved the inspiration photo at Archiscraps. In the end, I trashed everything I worked on in the last few weeks and started again; this time with a textural background from Aida Domisiewicz patterned paper, and slowly something came together.

I took the photos over the last week. I probably don't scrap one of my favourite flowers enough; most of my camellias start flowering in Autumn and go right through to late Spring.

I really liked the window on the lower level with the window boxes to the left; so that's how I arranged my pics.

Archiscraps 2013 August challenge

Graceful 2013 - for ArchiScraps Aug 2013 challenge

Ingredients: Aida Domisiewicz Frosted Life Collection - Moon Dust 13@arts patterned paper, Websters Pages Modern Romance digital button no 16, Far Far Hills Vintage Style Ornamental Elements 004 (one of 3), Lara’s Digital World Inner Peace Elements – Ribbon-white2, Far far Hills Bright Spring Time kit item 0013 (window with shutters), A-liya Because of You El50 (leaf scatter), created with Adobe Fireworks

Monday, 26 August 2013

Very Pinteresting 2013 digi layout

This is my "chipboard and flowers" entry to Orange Paperie's August 2013 challenge. I really wanted to do a page about my Pinterest place, seeking rainbows, which has stemmed my tide of internet shopping (it feels like I already own items by being able to view them at any time) and which I enjoy looking at when I want to feel calm or be inspired!

I used Dusty Attic chipboard piece - the same one - I just 'painted' the ones at the top and bottom of the page white. The flowers are from a kit I recently purchased.

I don't really have a set theme or period; so my Pinterest areas always look varied, but I've really enjoyed using it, so I was going for a similar mis-match in my page - hence the starkness between the backgrounds!

Ingredients: Armina I Wanna Be kit Patterned Paper no 5 (orangey wood background),  Basic Grey Stella Ruby Flourishes STE_Flourish_4, Dusty Attic chipboard DA0547 wrought iron trim set (scanned it in), American Crafts Lori Whitlock Cherry Edition Extra Elements – Dots-2, [Fayette Designs Beach Therapy Elements kit – Decal Flower Teal, Decal Flower Orange,  Hibiscus Teal, Seagull Flight],American Crafts Pebbles Walnut Grove Patterned Paper Kit 2 – Chervron, Adobe Fireworks

Very Pinteresting 2013 digi page for Orange Paperie & Co Aug 2013 challenge

Sunday, 25 August 2013

How I create digital pages...

We all do things differently, but I thought maybe by writing down what I do, it might give some ideas to others. So, here goes...

Preparing for a comp. If I'm doing a page for a comp, then I'll copy down the comp guidelines - for example, if its at CSI I copy the challenge, sketch (if there is one for that week) and the smaller palette. I then open a file in Adobe Fireworks 960 x 1280 200 dpi (A4) and save it in my 'workings' directory, usually with the title of the comp so I can find it again. I am unlikely to finish a page in one sitting, so I usually go back, back, and back again. (I continually save the document throughout all the next steps).

Set up for a comp. Again, if its for a comp, I'll then copy and paste in the pictures related to the comp, so they are inside the working file at all times. I can still hide or unhide them as required, but I find its easier to do this, so I remember everything I have to do, and I can select the colours out of the pictures (if a palette is involved like The Color Room or CSI).

3.  Pick some photos. Then I usually think about photos. What photos do I have that would meet the criteria? Do any photos come to mind that would match these colours (its ok if not - I can turn any colour photo to sepia or black and white)? Does the challenge itself remind me of any particular thing in my life. Sometimes, this process happens in an instant - but other times this is more difficult and doesn't automatically gel. I don't normally go any further until I have some idea which photo/s I will be using.

Think about the journalling. Usually at this point, once I've selected photos, I have a think about the journalling and title and how they will be displayed on the page (I don't actually do it at this point - I just think about it). I find this helps with freeing up my brain to just be creative in the processes and moment. Journalling is very important to me. For me, the point of scrapbooking is to tell a story; my story. If I just wanted to store photos I'd get a photo album. I like to play with a title at this point too. I try to find a unique title for my page. I really enjoy doing that. Plus, later on, after the page is done and saved, I want to be able to find it again on the computer - this is greatly helped if each page has a distinct title. I might write a title down at this point, but I may still change it as the page evolves.

5.  The Stash. Now I do what all scrappers do - I burrow into my 'stash'. Like IRL scrappers I have a fair idea what is in my stash, and sometimes the comps dictate a little what will need to be found to go onto the page. If I go with a particular genre, this will also determine what goes on to the page. I might pick a vintage feel, if I have a vintage photo, for example. I like to mix in match when I scrap. I rarely use all of the one brand or kit on the one layout. I like to mix it up.I will open up and pull in several bits and pieces that I feel will go together for the page, each on its own layer. Of course, about 30% of what I bring in will vanish by the time the page is finished!

6.   The Creative Flow. Then I let my creative flow take over; I play with different colours, balances, textures, patterned papers, embellies and whitespace, until I find something that is pleasing to me.

7.  Title & Journalling. Once the creative process is over (or over for the first attempt), then I will create the title and add the journaling where it best suits on the page now that most elements and photos are on it. I will play with fonts until I'm happy with them. I have some favourite fonts which I use over and over - like 2Peas Fancy Free.

8   First Check. Then I double check the comp criteria. Where comps state embellies or things required, I try and do them all - even if they only ask for one or two from the list. I find this more challenging. For example, if I have missed buttons, I will then go in and get some buttons from my stash that I feel go with the page, and re-colour them accordingly.

9. Finishing Touches. Last minute changes include moving the journalling block, adding small extras like stitching or staples, and making sure no important layers have become obscured by other layers - particularly those that need to be on top! When I am finally happy with the page I save it, export it out at 640x480 and save this file into my final pages area and name it as per the title. Then I close out of Adobe Fireworks.

10. Ingredients - I have a Word document on my desktop called 'ingredients'. I open it when I finish a page, insert the page in as a picture. I adjust the Word screen so it takes up half my screen, and then open Windows Explorer in the other half and go and locate all the bits and pieces from my stash that I used on the page, and type the details into the Word file. I like to give credit to those that have created the amazing embellies and papers that I use. I save kit pictures in a special area if the file names in the stash are a little light on as to what kit they came out of. I save the Word file. I may also type in the bit about the page, the whys, and what criteria I met for the comp.

11. Upload - The exciting bit is to finally get to uploading! I upload the exported image to the website, and then copy and paste from Word the details of the page. This way I don't spend ridiculous amounts of time thinking whilst I'm online- wasting valuable online time!

12. Print - Most of my pages I also print out at A4 and put into a flip album - I usually buy a Clearview Display Book (Marbig) with 50 pockets A4. These are not refillable, but great to use to show the older relatives what I've been up to. I usually get them from Office Works.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

My most viewed pages ( at CSI)

Sometimes I look at the stats on my blogs or elsewhere to see which pages are getting viewed more. This helps remind me that pages I struggled with and am therefore dislike because they were difficult or pages I thought were light on in the creative department, can be liked by others. It also reminds me that we are all different - something I tend to forget.

So here's my top viewed pages at CSI.

This top 3 are suspect "top" pages. Occasionally at CSI I'll suddenly get a ridiculous amount of hits on a page and I wonder if someone has linked to it outside of the site somewhere for God knows what reason, on a site that gets huge hits.

NUMBER 1 : - MAGIC IN A BOX - 2,911 hits
NUMBER 3 - LUCKY ME 2013 - 547 views

NUMBER 4: GIGGLER 1969 - 229 views

NUMBER 5 : LAUREN AND THE LAMB 2013 - 220 views

NUMBER 6 : MY BEST FRIEND 2013 - 96 views

NUMBER 7 : FREEDOM - 93 views


Sunday, 11 August 2013

casualties of fire 2013 digi

This page is for the CSI comp #83. I haven't been well this week, so I think that's where the black background snuck in and the dark story. When I think 'journey' its usually the journey to the coast once or twice a year to see my folks that first comes to mind. 2009 was the fire at Tooma NSW and district.

Casualties of Fire 2013 - my entry for CSI #83

CSI Case File #83

Comp Criteria: Scheme - yep - plus white and black (the cream colour is in the 2013 and 'casualties'), Evidence: stripes (leaves), jewels, travel accents (the spedometer from my car!), circles, grid pattern, ledger pattern (on my journal spots), tags.
Testimony: Record story on a series of tags & document a journey
Ingredients :
American Crafts Seafoam Edition Papers no 11, Fayette Happy Faces ‘tangrid’ patterned paper, American Crafts Cherry Edition “leaves no 8” (edited to stripes), ‘The Color Room Palette #75 giveaway Sweet Serenity ‘jewel1’ (brad – edited), journal circle-LQ (take note), Ettes Time 4 Dreams ‘Wing Left’, Mijemoo Circles Stitch Assist (scanned stitched circle), Adobe Fireworks software.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Wintery Day 2013 digi layout

I really expected my page to be dark and dismal, bleak and cold, but when I really looked at the painting below, all I could find was an array of amazing earthy colours, and then I remembered this shot I took when my Mum and Dad visited a few weeks ago, and thought - hey - that photo would go with those colours! So I made a page around that.

I love the watery effect in the painting, and really wanted to transfer some of that into my layout. Unfortunately I haven't yet mastered exactly how Fireworks uses masking on layers, so I have to cheat it. For some reason Fireworks does it, but then won't display the image on its layer, and won't export it out either.

It was amazing to suddenly realise that I could change these black 'masks' into any colour I wanted and chop off any bits I really didn't like or obscured something. I haven't really done much of that before. I'm really happy with the result. It could have been a little more 'watery' but it does look like Winter, so I'm really glad I gave the challenge a go.

Oh, and if you notice how warmly dressed my parents are, and how I'm not - that's because I'm used to 10 degree days and overnight frosts - my parents aren't - they live on the coast!

ARTastic Challenge Blog Aug 2013

Wintery Day 2013 - for ARTastic Challenge Blog Aug 2013

Ingredients: CSI Coordinates #57 red birdie (changed to navy), CSI Coordinates #50 lace (edge), Feli Designs Inner Peace Fabric Flower No7, Fayette Time 4 Dreams Leaf1 Beige, Far Far Hill Freebies Kit Lace Kit 002 (cream),Angie Young Follow Your Art Imagine ‘Clipping Mask 5’(on photo), Cilenia Curtis ArtBox13 ‘B1-2b’ (changed to grey blue in behind photo), [Cilenia Curtis Inklings2 Ink2, Ink4 (changed to various colours)], Fonts: Curlz & Arial Narrow, Software: Adobe Fireworks

My Farm 2013 digi layout

Over the past two months I've often been heard to say, 'well I have to go feed my animals now'. But its not any physical animals - its my animals in an online facebook game!! I discovered Facebook games about four months ago when my Aunt introduced me to them, and after I was a little disgruntled at all the violence and hidden object games creeping into my normal downloadable gaming site. I prefer time management games; growing things, selling things, and with an element of skill involved.

Farmville 2 has ticked all the right boxes for me. I find it relaxing and fun, and do a little bit each night after work to wind down.The Country Fair feature has made it all the more special, because the competitive part of me can run ragged!

August 2013 from Pixels & Paper Challenge seemed an unlikely challenge to whack my screen-grabs (of my fav animals - and the large one of my farm) of my game into. Just when I was going to give up, I decided to look at the picture structurally; I drew a line through all the girls heads, and created a piece of wire, and I hung all my pictures off that. Then I used the colours of the bathing dresses for the ribbons. The curtain in behind the girls reminded me of the fence, which was more farm-orientated than a curtain. A bit weird I know, but I thought my seeing my game has given me so many hours of enjoyment it deserves a scrapbooking page!

'My Farm' 2013 digi layout - for Aug 2013 Pixels & Paper Challenge

August 2013 challenge - Pixels & Paper

Ingredients :
Far far hills freebies kit wooden backgrounds 003, Far Far hills freebies kit clock and gears 001, Petunia photos (mine), The Ettes Fayette Terlouw -Time 4 Dreams - ribbon-aqua (changed to different colours), CSI Coordinates #47 journal patch, Cilenia Curtis Follow Your Art – Moving Forward Staple_3, Fayette Designs Cool Breeze kit – roundtab - heart, Armina Designs I Wanna Be kit “FARM” letters, PrelestnayaP Design Because Of You kit - el28 (chain), Adobe Fireworks software.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Worker 2013 digi layout

Yes, I work full time in my real world - and I love my job - I've been at the same workplace now for 14 years and its never dull. But of course, there are times like now when everything is a little out of control and over the top, so I thought I would devote a page to my worker self from photos that my workmates took over the years (not me!) to help remind myself of the good times.

The Worker 2013 digi layout - for CSI #80 comp and sketch
Scheme: yes, evidence: transparent, flowers, patterned papers - floral & striped, triangles, lace, flags, woodgrain (word "worker",string. Testimony: this picture reminded me of my work life
Ingredients :
[American Crafts Heather Bailey Olive Edition Papers -No 9 (changed to pink), No 2 (butterflies)], American Crafts Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go Patterned Paper Pack 3 - Coffee Break (wooden slats used in title and edited), {American Crafts Sea Foam Edition Papers No 5 (changed to orange), No 10 (changed to tan)}, Fayette Designs Cool Breeze - Daisy Celery (changed to lime, pink and orange), CSI Coordinates kit #51 (doiley), Far Far Hill Freebies Lace Kit - no 007 (lace), Websters Pages Modern Romance Digital Buttons - no 16 (changed to orange), Jasmin Olya Designs CU Rope Elements Vol 2 - No 3, [Cilenia Curtis Follow Your Art Moving Forward – Stitches 3, Card 11 (background paper edited to orange)], Armina Designs I Wanna Be – Star (changed to orange), Fayette Designs Put on Your Happy Face - JournalBlock – beige, Adobe Fireworks software.

CSI comp #80


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