Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Still 2011

The Color Room Sketch & Palette #82. I loved these colours and particularly the silver. The purple pink colour was a strain to find anything I had in that shade (and of course, once I was finished the page then I found lots of it, darn it!).
My mind gets really busy - where there is so much thinking noise that I can't concentrate on anything. And sometimes, when that gets to overload, it feels like I'm not thinking anything at all and get frustrated when I still can't concentrate on anything. Weird huh? Like white noise. I put up lots of different pics onto this layout but none of them fitted. Then I decided to go with the thought that is with me the most over the past couple of weeks. That worked. The pic is me with my teddy bear. I always admire teddy bears; I'm sure their minds are never overwhelmed by thoughts!
Tips: I stuck all the buttons down first with Dimensional Magic. Then i applied two layers of Jo Sonya paint (with a thick soft brush - I was afraid a foam brush may dislodge the buttons) and the edge. Then I sprayed a little glimmermist just to the edge (this made the whiteness of the middle stand out more. Then I drew the doodly spirals in and around the buttons - I had doodled this at the computer a few nights before, so used that sheet as a guide. Then everything except for the photo went up on foam tape.

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