Sunday, 1 July 2018

Seal of approval Jun 2018

When I paint, I really don't think much about why I'm painting what I'm painting, why I've decided on that topic, why I've decided to paint it in that way instead of the like the inspiration scene or photo. But when I finish it feels right and exactly what I was looking for. So this is what I did my page on - my recent artwork and the photos that inspired them. I even shocked myself how different they are!

CSI #255 challenge
The dreamy colours for the CSI #255 were hard to ignore. I just had to do a page with them! To follow the inspiration I also used a seal, cupcakes (instead of donuts), bows, and clouds like the swirls on the girl's dress.

CSI #255 scrapbooking challenge

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  1. You are so creative and have such an interesting mind, Kylie! I love the little peeks inside your noggin you share on your pages! Your paintings are so beautiful! And I love your clever and playful title and the little accompanying seal at the bottom!


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